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Montecristo A Cigar - 1 Single

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Description Ref # MO0003

Flavour: Medium to Full
Length: 9 1/4" (235mm)
Ring Gauge: 47 ring gauge
Packaging: Single cigar

Tasting Notes

Draw was uniform the whole length, steady burn, wonderful flavour. Rich, medium to full, and loads of flavour laced my mouth as this beauty drew and burned like a champ, it was a dream. Single cigar - boxed in coffin

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Taste Test

Reviewed by Joe Gellman ( 22nd October 2001)

The entire Montecristo line is somewhat new to Cuba, first begun in 1934 by the Menendez and Garcia families who began the line with five vitolas. It was first known as the H. Upmann Montecristo, but that lasted only for a year. The family needed distribution for their cigars and approached what is now Hunter & Frankau. The brand was renamed "Montecristo" and the logo was designed by a director of H&F. Thus, we have the crossed swords associated with Dumas' The Count of Montecristo, from which the name originates. The Dunhill company started a marketing push on the brand and is responsible for its wide distribution, even in todays market.

The "A" is a mighty cigar, and as far as most Cubaholics are concerned, the paradigm of what a Gran Corona ought to be, with good reason. Since this cigar is unique in size, it is important to understand the process by which its leaves are selected.

The wrapper of the cigar is called the âeregazo', and are graded on their size and quality. The best leaf is classified as a #10 Regazo. The individual who handles this classification are called rezagadoras and the best can discern over 40 types. It is said that only the best of the best go into making the "A".

The cigar measures 47 x 19 ½, and is usually presented in a varnished box of two layers of 25. The cigar is also sold in an individual 'coffin'. In either case, the container should be opened to allow the cigar to breath and age properly. I am luck to have saved an "A" from the original shipment, which I found in my father's humidor after he died; a present from the grave, so to speak. This is not one of the cigars I smoked for this review. I intend to keep it until my daughter marries and, if she remains single, pass it on to a friend.

The cigars I tested were from two sources, MO and a gift from Kelly Kimura. Both were firm but not overly so. The wrappers were perfection, akin to the Trinidad's I recently reviewed. The color of both cigars were âemaduro' and did not have a flaw. The one from MO was gifted when one of his clients complained that the foot was broken as was part of the head. Frankly, I did not care since the foot quickly goes up in smoke and the head was easily fixed with a dollop of saliva (mine, of course). There were no soft spots on the 9 ½ inch shaft and the cigar was somewhat hefty. At 18.6 grams it ought to be heavy, and each cigar weighed the same. The cigar had a rich, smooth feel to it with very little oil showing.

The cigar lit well and produced a very heavy aroma, in the room. The initial taste was quite earthy and rich, yet not overpowering, at all (sorry, Vahe Gerard, you are wrong!). The cigar smoked very cool and did not lose any flavor nor become tedious to smoke. All through the smoke I was able to get just the right amount of smoke with a very easy draw. The cigar never ran and the ash showed a complete and even burn.

I was unable to point to the exact taste and can only say that there was a hint of exotic spice for the first half which became more pronounced in the last half. I cannot say that this cigar was spicy though it did have ample spiciness to it which did not overshadow the undertones of wood and a creamy, light, sweetness. I kept thinking of sweet peas whenever I got a hint of the sweet aroma, but this might just be my mind playing tricks on me. At the last three inches the cigar's flavors became more pronounced but never too strong to handle. While many "experts" on the subject tell us that the cigar is for the experiences smoker and can make one dizzy, I did not find this to be the case. Frankly, I would be happy to suggest this cigar to anyone. The fact is, the entire Montecristo line is of medium strength, and can be enjoyed by all who can get one.


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by ArchivedCgarsReviews on Monday 29 October, 2007
This is a big cigar so have alot of time on your hands. It not the greatest cigar of the Monte line but ok for something different. It seems if you can get them aged their better. The taste will change throughout the cigar wiht alot of earthy and wood tones. Not my favorite but I will try once in a while. written by Roy
by ArchivedCgarsReviews on Monday 29 October, 2007
The ultimate celebration cigar. The A is well known to be exactly what it is... a big Monte. If youre looking for an everyday cigar, this isnt it, but if youre looking for something for a special occasion, or perhaps just a lazy day with a lot of time on your hands, this is a good choice. written by mmeadows
by ArchivedCgarsReviews on Monday 29 October, 2007
So how does the song go? Oh, yes: 1 Cohiba siglo I, 6.50. 1 Cohiba Lanceros, 15. 1 Bolivar Bonita, 5. 1 Montecristo A, I dare not say it! Coming up with a fantastic story to feed your wife in order for her to believe the necessity of your expenditure on a Monte A which is only worth half as much? Priceless!! No, not a wonderful smoke for this kindda money. A superior cigar of course, whose festive quality is much too overated though. The flavour, I admit, is special but down to its last 2,5 inches is almost impossible to smoke due to harshness and severe spiciness. Not that one has to go that far, but you may as well with such festive (apparently) cigar. written by Mihai
by ArchivedCgarsReviews on Monday 29 October, 2007
What a let down! After all the hype, the parades, and small countries being named after it I finaly had an "A". The cigar wrapper appeared dull, and dry with an ominus lack of oiliness. The draw was slightly tight. The smoke was a combination of coffee, and woodiness. For such a legend I found little complexity, and only mediocre taste. written by Michael
by ArchivedCgarsReviews on Monday 29 October, 2007
A very nice smoke and due to its size, the tast changes the longer you stay with it. written by Murray Bridgmount GBR
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 6 reviews)
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