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Luxury Brands - Dunhill Humidors

The name Dunhill has always been associated with luxury. Since 1893 when Alfred Dunhill took over his fathers saddlery business he targeted the luxury market, even when he went into automobiles the extravagance was still there. Today, Dunhills standards are exactly the same, just in different categories.

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Dunhill humidors, just like their accessories, are beautiful pieces that wouldn’t look out of place in an art gallery. Beautifully crafted, there are no shortcuts when it comes to a Dunhill humidor. With cedar lining in each humidor, it keeps your cigars in the same condition they left the box and even potentially adding a hint of a new flavour to your cigar.

Just like many of their accessories and pipes, Dunhill humidors possess the white spot trademark. Even though this white spot serves no actual purpose it does express that your humidor is indeed a Dunhill. Many monarchs, presidents, rich and famous people appreciate and possess a Dunhill humidor.

Alfred Dunhill explained his standards for any Dunhill product “It must be useful. It must work dependably. It must be beautiful. It must last. It must be the best of its kind.” Dunhill humidors fulfill all of these prophecies. The safe keeping of your cigars is never in any doubt as all Dunhill humidors have a specially controlled humidification system and the hinges are of the highest quality available meaning there will be little to no wear and tear. The elegance and beauty is never questioned as Dunhill use the most rich, exotic woods and veneers available which are crafted into these luxury vessels. 

A Dunhill is certainly an heirloom which can be passed through generations without the risk of it going out of style, making it one of the best humidors available.

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Written by Oliver Partington