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We consider cigar smoking a lifestyle rather than a hobby, each cigar manufacturer are trying to top each other with unique blends and combinations, however the accessory industry has also been stepping up its game by adding state of the art technology and luxury to cutting and lighting cigars.

One accessory company that has always remained ahead of the competition is Xikar. The president of Xikar, Kurt Van Keppel wanted to buy a good cigar cutter back in 1994 and found that supposedly high end models underperformed almost as badly as the inexpensive ones. So he set out with co-founder Scott Almsberger to make a stylish cutter with the best materials and the result was Xikar. The first cutter they assembled in their garage and it is now known as one of the best in the world!

The name Xikar also has an interesting story behind it. Xikar originated from the word sikar - which is said to be the first Spanish spelling of the Taino word for cigar. The Tainos were an indigenous population of Hispaniola and Cuba where Christopher Columbus first landed when he discovered the “New World” and the tobacco that went along with it. Kurt and Scott changed the S to an X to represent their products' two blades.

In 2000 due to the success of their high quality selection of cutters, Kurt and Scott decided to expand their products into the full accessory category which includes lighters, travel humidors and humidificateurs, all with the aim of high quality products that won't let you down.

We love Xikar accessories, they are robust and incredibly unique, here are a few of our favourites:

The Xikar Xi2 cutter gives you the finest cigar cut with power, efficiency and ease of use. The blades are made of high quality 440 stainless steel with an HRC of 57.

The Xikar HP4 Quad Jet Cigar Lighter is inspired by a high performance supercar, it is engineered to deliver optimum performance and output. The oversized double glass window allows you to easily see how much gas is left in the lighter, topped up with red fuel and four angled jets create an apex of precision engineered flames to concentrate heat and efficiently light any cigar with confidence.

Xikar is such a high quality product that they provide a lifetime guarantee on their products although we believe you won’t need it!

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Written by Oliver Partington