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Tobacco Cultivation Regions: Honduras

Honduras has been a source for tobacco and cigar manufacturing since 1765 and has three major tobacco cultivation areas. The first and most popular is in south Honduras, the area around Danli in El Paraiso, also the Jamastran valley (often compared to the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba) and surrounding areas are prime locations for cigar tobacco.

Towards the centre of Honduras is Talanga Valley in the province of Francisco Morazan - Here tobacco is grown using a rare technique called encallado, this is where the plant is shaded from the side and a tent is put up around the crop to protect it from wind. The northwest and western parts of Honduras is known as the Copan Region and is home to a type of wild tobacco known as copaneco. 

Cuban Criollo and Shade Grown Corojo are also cultivated for their strong, bold flavour. Both require gentle fermentation and curing to mellow the tobacco.

Brands from Honduras include:

Aladino: Known as a “puro” of authentic Corojo grown in the JRE tobacco farm in Honduras from the original cuban seed of Corojo. The Eiroa family have been in the tobacco business since 1916, growing authentic Corojo for over 50 years. Their business JRE tobacco is family run and was founded by Julio R. Eiroa and his son Justo, together they managed all aspects of the growing and manufacturing and this has been continued to this day. They guarantee that all of their brands will give you the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Corojo taste, the same taste as cigars from the 1960’s.

Camacho: Known for being bold and for their intense flavours throughout, they have been manufacturing for over 70 years and are well loved around the world! They are considered one of the premium ranges of cigars from the New World and their brand is based all around the flavours. If you have a Camacho cigar in your humidor then you will know about it!

Eiroa: They are proud of their experience, over 100 years in fact! Thats 3 generations working with tobacco creating some amazing cigars. Each one is made with care, precision and excellence using only the finest tobacco which are cured and presented to you with utmost pride.

Written by Oliver Partington