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Snowdonia Distillery’s El Rumbo

North Wales's International Storytelling Through Superior Mixing

Snowdonia distillery, the producer of Foragers Gin, Y Bēt Vodka, El Rumbo Rum, and line of Marsette is the First legal distillery in North Wales for 100 years. Since the founding in 2015, they have been creating more and more ideas for astounding spirits and liquid delicacies. These include the creation of the Gold award-winning Winberry Gin, named the best flavoured Gin in the country, as with the Soulful Sloe Gin, being ranked number 1 for Sloe Gin. They wanted to break into and shatter the world of fine Rum, to add another ribbon amongst their already established and award-winning gins, vodkas, and liqueurs. They also believe in small batch production numbers, per distillation they will get 200-500 bottles. With this, there are subtle differences, but this reflects the ever-changing face of Snowdonia and North Wales. Snowdonia Distillery has put the ever-changing story and history of their spirits above all else. It is incredibly exciting to experience a Cuban twist to their heritage with the release of El Rumbo and its siblings.

A journey worth taking “ - Cuba to Snowdonia


El Rumbo

From its origins in Cuba, where the director has travelled extensively tasting rums from different distilleries. El Rumbo comes from the oldest of them. Translated from Spanish means ‘the course’, as in to set course, which is exactly what this rum has done. Using Cuban molasses, which is plentiful on the island, using a relatively short fermentation process. From the “aguardiente” distillate, Cuba uses charcoal filtration which removes most of the unpleasant flavours, then goes on to age 3 years in amazing white oak casks.


The rum is flown halfway across the globe, to be received at the distillery and turned into one of 3 incredible spirits. The flagship, simply titled El Rumbo, and his arguably older brother the Anjeo are immediately transferred into freshly emptied Cognac casks. The casks are delivered to Snowdonia from Tiffon, the highly 2 regarded Cognac maker with over 40 hectares of vines in both the Grande Champagne and Fins Bois regions. The delivery of these casks are coordinated with the arrival of the rum to ensure the freshest casks. This instantly changes the experience from one of youthful, playful, crystal clear white rum, to a mature, distinguished player in the world of rum. This is thanks to both the fantastic wood and previous lodger of the barrel.

The White is designed at 50% ABV to punch through any cocktail and transform every classic from a mojito to a daiquiri! A Mixologists dream

Anejo Oro

Known as El Rumbo’s older brother, translates to ‘Golden Aged’. This both explains their fond nickname and exactly what it is. The Rum is left in the same casks for so long, that the colour adapts to the warmest of sunrise gold or ‘Aur (eye-urr)’ in welsh. The taste reflects the colour of the rum with its intensity, maturity, and presence.

Coconut Rum

The last of the distillery’s Rum line (for now) is the coconut Rum. The distillery continues their promise of only using the best, freshest ingredients they can get their hands on. They may not be blessed with the paradisiacal environment to grow coconuts, but they work with local grocers to get the freshest coconuts from around the world. All the milk and flesh is used to deliver the true coconut taste. For that twist of sweetness, natural sugar cane is used. The perfect balance will bring you to the brightest Cuban beach, no matter where in the world you are!

The Sun Also Rises


● 60ml El Rumbo Cognac Rested Cuban Rum

 ● 30ml Fresh Lime

 ● 15ml Sugar Syrup

 ● **all ingredients shaken**


This iconic drink was coined by one of America’s greatest writers/poets, Ernest Hemmingway.  El Rumbo Cuban Rum compliments the classic daiquiri with its time spent in fresh cognac casks. The rich fruitful hint of cognac, paired with fresh lime and a little sweetness creates the perfect Daiquiri.


El Rumbo Cognac Rested Cuban Rum can also be enjoyed

with fresh apple slices and a dash of ginger ale.