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Six Full Strength Cigars

To smoke a strong cigar you must build yourself up to it. Your body needs to be used to you consuming a high level of nicotine as well as your palette being able to taste flavours in a full strength cigar. If you have had plenty of medium strength or bodied cigars and are ready to try something fuller then look no further as the following six cigars will be a great first choice.




Bolivar Royal Corona - A full flavoured, full strength, spicy and woody tasting cigar. Although it is full strength it is never aggressive and the aroma is more subtle than you would expect.





Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Invictos Robusto - A new release, this full bodied cigar has a unique composition and blend where zesty notes of leather and cedar accompany a medley of hot peppers. 






Ramon Allones Small Club Corona - A Very creamy smoke with flavours of toffee or caramel which erupt into a complex taste! This cannot be beaten by any other minuto! Plenty of body and beautifully constructed, perfect with your morning coffee.





Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli Punk - This little cigar offers complex notes of leather, pepper, and cocoa which gets progressively spicier as you smoke this cigar. Full in strength from start to finish, it is perfect to enjoy towards the end of the day with your favourite pairing.





Cohiba Siglo I - The smallest of the Siglos, an authentic appetizer. You’ll find it quite creamy with notes of cedar, earth and pepper as well as a nutty undertone to it. A classic and popular Cuban cigar.





Aladino Corojo Corona - An exclusive to C.Gars, you’ll get to enjoy authentic Corojo tobacco like they had back in the 1960’s. You’ll find notes of cedar, baker's spice and a smooth touch of white pepper.

Written by Oliver Partington