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Luxury Brands - Dunhill Pipes

Dunhill pipes are renowned amongst all pipe smokers, they are considered the ultimate luxury for the pipe smoker.

In 1907 Alfred Dunhill opened his first tobacco shop on Duke Street in London, he started out by importing his tobacco pipes until 1912. From 1912 he introduced the White Spot which was considered the correct position for hand-cut mouthpieces.

During world war II Alfred Dunhill expanded his horizons by selling the product overseas, with orders placed by an officer serving in France. Alfred decided to send out additional pipes and a note to ask them to be distributed out to other serving officers and be paid for on their return. It was at this point that Dunhill pipes started being sold to British, French, Belgian, American and Canadian officers.

Due to the extremely careful quality control, only 5% of the worlds Briar is considered good enough for a Dunhill pipe with each block examined to the finest detail before manufacturing begins. Even the tiniest mark in the briar would be considered a defect and those pipes are put in the bin.

The mouthpiece of each pipe is hand cut from solid Vulcanite which is a rubber that has been placed under high heat and then introduced to sulfur. The resulting material can be molded into numerous shapes including pipe stems, the rubber compound is tough but easy on the teeth and does not taint the smoke. 

The colour of the stem does tend to remain black however the Cumberland editions do have a marbled brown stem. Dunhill pipes are finished with a little white spot which is seen as a symbol of perfection and style for pipe smokers. Dunhill pipes have an extraordinary long life and even refurbished pipes are considered collectable.

The White spot logo hasn't been touched for over 100 years with the current range still reflecting Alfred’s vision for superior pipes.

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Written by Oliver Partington