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Kristoff Cigars

Kristoff cigars were founded in Miami, Florida in 2004 and has since gained a reputation for producing high-quality cigars with unique blends and interesting packaging.The founder, Glen Case, was inspired to start the company after he became a cigar enthusiast himself. He wanted to create cigars that not only satisfied his own taste but also were appealing to a wide range of cigar smokers. Because of this, Kristoff cigars was born.

They are known for their bold flavours, smooth draws and impeccable construction. They often contain complex blends of tobacco from various regions, including Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The company pays close attention to detail in every aspect of cigar production, from the selection of tobacco leaves to the rolling process.

One feature that distinguishes Kristoff from other premium brands is their rustic appearance. Many of their cigars feature pigtail twists, uncut caps and a natural rough look. These aesthetics set Kristoff apart from other brands and has massively contributed to their success and popularity.

As time has passed, Kristoff cigars have expanded their lineup to include a wide range of cigar blends, sizes and shapes to cater to every cigar smoker. Some of their most popular ones include the Sumatra series and the Pistoff range.

In addition to their regular production cigars, Kristoff has also released limited editions like the Corojo Limitada range - These are highly praised by cigar aficionados.

Overall, Kristoff Cigars has carved out a place for themselves in a busy cigar market, with their commitment to quality and unique blends, they have earned a loyal following among cigar enthusiasts worldwide.

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Written by Oliver Partington