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King Edward Cigars

“Gentlemen, you may smoke.” One of the most legendary terms in cigar folklore but did you know it originated from King Edward VII? 

King Edward VII, who was known for his even temperament and classy nature, believed men should be able to smoke whenever they please, however, Queen Elizabeth had enforced a smoking ban in the English courts. After becoming a Royal Official, King Edward VII immediately removed the smoking ban by stepping into the royal office and exclaiming the legendary words: “ Gentlemen, you may smoke.” 

King Edward loved cigars and was known to smoke as many as 20 a day! Which is why a strict smoking ban would never have suited such a tobacco lover. So it seems only right to have a cigar brand named in his honour. King Edward cigars have been a preferred brand among cigar smokers since 1918 and to this day people all over the world have enjoyed them over many Cuban blends on the market.

These cigars are manufactured by Swisher International who have been doing so for around 100 years. Swisher have been making many different machine made cigars for around 150 years so you know you are getting a quality made cigar. Today King Edward cigars (as well as other brands) are manufactured in Swishers factory in Jacksonville, Florida where they make an estimated 7.6 million cigars a day! They use all natural fillers and homogenised leaf wrappers which creates a premium cigar at unbelievable prices.

Over the last century, King Edward cigars have come in an array of flavours and styles. Early on in the 1900s, the Imperials and Invincibles were extremely popular due to them being hand-made. When Swisher started to machine make them in the 1920s, King Edward filtered cigars were introduced to much fanfare, as they are easy to smoke and well balanced.

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Written by Oliver Partington