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Infused Cigars

Did you know that your smoking experience could be improved with infusing your cigars with your favourite liquors? Many purists will disagree but you could potentially change the flavour of your favourite cigar to enjoy it even more!

Dipping cigars in liquor actually has a long history, before humidors smokers would dip their cigars to add moisture as well as flavour. However you don’t have to use alcohol, some people prefer to dip in honey or maple syrup to add some sweetness, others just tapped it in whatever they are drinking at the time.

The purists will argue that the cigar will be completely ruined once dipped. They believe the burn will make the dip redundant as all alcohol will be burned off which will result in a loss of any flavour or scent and in turn you lose the flavour of the first third of the cigar.

If you’re worried about dipping your cigar it might be worth experimenting with infusing them instead. By doing this you will avoid any issues with lighting the cigar and you will receive better flavours and aromas.

Infused cigars are incredibly popular among those beginning their cigar smoking journey. You can purchase flavoured or infused cigars which saves you the hassle, Drew Estate make incredible infused cigars for a very low price so I would suggest trying those. 

However you can infuse your cigars at home with a couple of simple methods, but first make sure the cigar you use is one you actually enjoy and ensure it is fresh, an old cigar that hasn’t been looked after will not take to new flavours. Secondly, consider what flavours you want to infuse the cigar with - More mild, smooth cigars will pair better with light fruity flavours, where as richer cigars will be more suited to alcohol. I would also suggest trying this with a less expensive cigar just in case you don't enjoy the infusion.

Depending on what you would like to taste, you will need to consider which flavours you would like to explore when infusing your cigar. Some aficionados sway towards coffee and chocolate notes, whereas others prefer rum or cognac. Consider your infusion as if you were preparing a meal - You can get creative but don’t go too far! some extracts you could use would include vanilla, hazelnut and amaretto.

There are a couple of ways to infuse cigars, Firstly the Tupperware method:

To begin with you need to fill a shot glass, or similar, with your chosen extract or liquor and place it in the Tupperware box along with four or five cigars (The more you infuse the longer it takes). Seal the box to prevent the cigars from drying out, keeping it at room temperature and out of direct sunlight (like a humidor). Leave the cigars to infuse for around six to eight weeks but regularly check the level of liquid in the shot glass, it may need refilling after a week or two and then enjoy.

You can also do this method with a simple zip-lock bag too. Instead of using a shot glass you can soak a cotton pad or folded paper towel with your desired liquid and place it in the bag, then add your cigars (make sure the cigars don't touch any liquid). Place the bag out of sunlight and at room temperature, leave for a minimum of two weeks and then enjoy.

Once you have infused your cigars I would suggest not storing them with non-infused cigars and the flavours may transfer.

The second method is to use a humidor instead of Tupperware or a zip-lock bag, however this will contaminate your humidor as it will absorb any flavours that you are using so you will need another humidor for non-infused cigars.

I hope you enjoy your new infused cigars, if you want an alcohol infused cigar I suggest looking at our selection of spirits.

Written by Oliver Partington