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Hiram & Solomon

Did you know that back in the mid-1800s, members of the church of Brethren would smoke cigars during and after gatherings? To this day this tradition is still happening across the world. It is designed to help Brethren to relax, exchange ideas and enjoy the fellowship of the brotherhood. Coincidently this is what Hiram & Solomon cigars are all about.

Hiram & Solomon set out to bring Mason brothers together in the harmony of an enjoyable cigar. Fellow Brethren Fouad Kashouty and Brother George Dakrat enjoyed cigars together, they would have gatherings which would lead to the same realisation - there was no cigar on the market for Freemasons that carried the Masonic Emblem. From this gathering the conversation quickly turned into many private meetings about creating a quality cigar that would not just physically represent Freemasons all around the world but contain quality that matches the excellence of the Brethrens.

The idea kept reinventing itself over and over in Fouad and Georges minds. They researched and studied, searching for the right location to begin creating their dream of Masonic Cigars.

They decided their first location would be in the Dominican Republic before moving shortly after to Nicaragua, harvesting shockingly delicious tobacco which were complex in flavour and would rival the world’s best cigar brands.

In 2020 Dakrat retired, so Fouad took over the company alongside his wife Romy. As an avid cigar smoker herself, it was only fitting for her to join. She helped expand Hiram & Solomon portfolio to more international countries and changed the image that their cigars are not just for Freemasons but for all to enjoy.

Additionally, one of the most fundamental aspects of Freemason teachings is a way to incorporate charity into their work. So to give back to their community, Hiram & Solomon donates part of the sales profits to various Masonic and non-Masonic charity events. 

The aim of creating a Freemason cigar is complete with incredible results however they are not finished.  They want to bring non-Brethren together to learn about Freemasonry and its history. If all that fails then you can be assured that they have provided a consistently tasty, quality cigars that appeals to everyone's palate.

They have four different ranges in their portfolio starting with the Entered Apprentice - This Connecticut blend cigar is perfect for an everyday smoke, offering a medium body using Connecticut Shade wrapper and binder leaves with a selection of Ometepe, Pennsylvania, Paraguay filler leaves. They come in Robusto and Toro sizes.

Next is the Fellow Craft - they have a unique selection of leaves which are used to create this blend, it results in a medium to full bodied smoking experience. Also available in Robusto or Toro sizes.

Thirdly is Master Mason range - They are wrapped in a beautifully oily Maduro wrapper, this cigar has been hand crafted with a selection of unique tobaccos to create a full flavoured smoke. Again available in Robusto or Toro size.

Finally is the Travelling Man Lancero - This medium body blend is masterfully encased in a silky Sumatran wrapper from the island of Indonesia. It is also only available as a Lancero.

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Written by Oliver Partington