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Foragers Gin

“Is this the best gin in the U.K.?” A quote from the award winning chef James Martin whilst sampling the beautiful Foragers Gin.

At just 500 bottles per expression Foragers gin is one of the most sought after gins in the U.K. Distilled in a secret location in North Wales, it takes six times longer per batch than most distilleries. 

This is due to the team hand foraging their own botanicals from the local area which takes two or three days to do! Then those same botanicals are put into the stills and are macerated for six weeks whereas most gin distilleries only macerate for around 24 hours, this means you are getting a lot more flavours and texture from the botanicals.

The Black Label delivers intense but smooth Juniper notes followed by the rich flavours of Sea Buckthorn giving you crisp freshness on your pallet with a long lingering aftertaste. Simply a delight.

The Yellow Label starts with soft Juniper notes and then takes you on an adventure of sweet apples and elderberry before giving way to unmistakable floral notes from the Gorse and Heather flowers. Full of amazing flavours giving your pallet an amazing journey.

The rarest of the world's gold, meets the gracious Forager’s Gin in a perfect marriage of brilliant Welsh craftsmanship.

Combining the richness of sea buckthorn and the clean cut taste of Foragers Black Label, beautifully creates The Clogau Reserve 2020 Gin Liqueur. This is a once in a lifetime Gin Liqueur, perfect for celebrating any occasion.

We at C.Gars are proud to be able to stock this amazing gin for you all to enjoy. My favourite would have to be the Black Label, the smoothness and freshness is out of this world. Very tasty to have straight or in a smooth cocktail.

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Written by Oliver Partington