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Five Spirits to Enjoy Around the Bonfire

Sitting around the bonfire enjoying a nice spirit is a great feeling. Enjoying the aromas of burning wood from the fire, the heat blazing against your skin and of course great conversation is a real delight in life. But what spirit to choose? Do you pick one that will compliment the senses or challenge them? Below are five spirits that we believe you should try with a bonfire:


Laphroaig Lore - The perfect way to accompany a smoky evening? A smoky whisky! And Lore from Laphroaig is very rich in peat, giving your senses a challenge between the two types of smoke, one from the whisky and one from the fire.





Ron El Rumbo Cuban White Rum - You’ll at first taste notes of tropical fruit which will feel refreshing against the blaze of a fire, but as the rum rests on the palate you’ll find smoky notes come through more and will linger on the finish. This rum uses sugar cane from the fields of Cuba, it is then distilled and kept in American oak barrels of which it then travels to the Snowdonia Distillery and is transferred to fresh Cognac barrels to rest.




Arran 10 year old - This amazing expression from Arran has won plenty of spirit awards, meaning it is great to have regardless of the situation you are in. With sweet notes of citrus and spice notes of cinnamon it will really enhance what your sense are already enjoying - Perfect for around the bonfire on that autumnal evening! 






Ron Abuelo Two Oak - The intense notes of wood with a unique sweet smoke accommodates the fiery evening, you’ll taste vanilla notes from beginning to end which really helps to take out the harshness of the smoke and will make your evening very enjoyable.





Dominique London Privee Liberation - This exclusive Dominique London Cognac was created by Ron Morrison and Mitchell Orchant and bottled by the prestigious cognac house of Tiffon, founded in 1875. It’s made entirely from white grapes from the Grande Champagne region in France and you can really taste them! This cognac will accompany the fire perfectly as the smoke will add an extra dimension to the sweetness of the grape.

I hope this has helped you decide which spirit to enjoy this bonfire night and if you want to try something different, click here to view all of our spirits

written by Oliver Partington