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Five Lighters for Beginners

Choosing a lighter for your cigar is very important, you need to be comfortable holding it whilst toasting the end of your cigar. If you choose the wrong lighter you may find yourself destroying the foot of your cigar resulting in a charred taste which will ruin your experience. You may find a very nice lighter but due to its design it could potentially burn your hand whilst in use, this will result in an uncomfortable smoking experience too. Below I have listed five lighters that are great for beginners.

Vector Aztec Single Jet Lighter

This wind resistant single jet is comfortable to hold and incredibly powerful. It has a built-in punch cutter, which means if you have forgot your cutter, you will still be able to cut your cigar. It also contains a lock button, which means you won’t be tiring your thumb holding down an ignition button, the lock will keep the flame going. Alternatively it will lock in the off position too so it won’t accidentally light up in your pocket. The power of this lighter is undeniable as it is a strong flame, even at 20,000 feet in the air!



Colibri Falcon Lighter

 A great beginner lighter from Colibri who are known for their high quality lighters and cutters. The falcon is a wind resistant single-jet flame which has been altitude tested up to 10,000 feet. The angled flame means there is no chance of you potentially burning yourself as well as giving you a better view of toasting your cigar. All Colibri items also have a two year warranty which shows the confidence they have in their product and we do too.




C.Gars Ltd Easy Torch Black Single Flame Jet Lighter - Events QR

This lighter is perfect for someone who is new to cigars and doesn't want to spend a lot of money on accessories yet. Alternatively experienced cigar smokers love these lighters as they like to enjoy a cigar without having to worry about losing their expensive lighter. It also means the less you pay for accessories the more cigars you can buy! It is lightweight, durable and has a QR code which sends you to the C.Gars Events page.



Honest Bagby Lighter

Another powerful lighter with an angled top, which helps massively when it comes to lighting your cigar. By having the angle you can see exactly which part of the foot is toasted and which part needs more work. It has a see-through fuel tank so you can see how much butane gas you have before going out. This lighter comes with a two year warranty, which guarantees the quality of this lighter.




Cigarism Jet Flame Cigar Lighter & Punch Cutter

This beautiful jet flame lighter is the only double-jet on this list. However it is incredibly easy to hold and use. The angled top means you can be more accurate, toasting your cigar and also contains a sharp punch cutter, in case you have forgotten your usual cutter.

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Written by Oliver Partington