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Cohiba Siglo I Cigar - Pack of 5

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Description Ref # CO1101

Length: 4" 
Ring Gauge: 40
Strength: Medium - Full 
Packaging: Pack of 5 Cigars 

Vitola: Tres Petit Corona
Smoking Time: 20 Minutes
Other Cigars in this Vitola: Montecristo No. 5

Cohiba is the flagship brand of Habanos. 

It was created in 1966 for President Fidel Castro himself and was made at the then top secret, but now world famous, El LLaguito factory. At first, it was only seen outside Cuba as gifts for heads of state and visiting diplomats. 

Since 1982 Cohiba has been available in limited quantities to the open market. 

The name is an ancient Taino Indian word for the bunches of tobacco leaves that Columbus first saw being smoked by the original inhabitants of Cuba - the earliest known form of a Habano. 

The leaves for Cohiba are the "selection of selection" from the 5 finest Vegas de Primera in San Juan y Martinez and San Luis districts of the Vuelta Abajo zone. 

Uniquely amongst Habanos up to three of Cohiba's filler leaves , the seco, ligero and the rare medio tiempo, undergo an additional fermentation in barrels. This unique process produces a special aroma and flavour you will only find in Cohiba. 

Tasting Notes

The smallest of the Siglos, an authentic appetizer. The Siglo line has permitted the Cohiba brand name to pass from tradition to modern times.


90 / 100

"...Gleaming with a golden-brown wrapper, this little corona starts out woody and minty but warms to show a warm walnut character that leads to a mint-chocolate finish..."


Rare Whisky Specialist

Taste Test

Reviewed by Mihai (March 2004)

Cohiba Siglo I Manufactured: March 2003 Jesus Christ, people! Can't believe I'm starting by saying this, but here it is, we finally reached the age where the stifling political correctness slowly (but surely) kills every inch of legal decadence left. Cigars in this case! I wouldn't be surprised if one day the Dept. of Health turned up saying, that's it, you can't post these reviews no more, it's against tobacco "advertising" regulations!!

Jesus Christ, I say in HORROR, one more time! But simply to the point: The Siglo I was, for myself, a superb discovery. For such a short size, it's a power rocket of sheer indulgence and pleasure, all wrapped up in a stick of truly impeccable construction, with the easiest draw you ever dreamed of! Its milk chocolate wrapper was of superb smell and feel, slightly oily for its rather young age.

On the upper side of Medium, this cigar allows unhindered flavours of earth and young leathers, in a voluptuously reach aroma which lasts till the very end. The first inch was a delight of flavoursome cool smoke, woody spice but not overpowering (important!) as a Montecristo or even other Cohibas.

The second one became 'settled in', maintaining the same array of complex flavour with a touch of rich, dark chocolate this time (I have to say here that this is simply what it tasted like to me, it probably won't to you, which is why I am generally against reviews over-abundant in culinary-style descriptions of cigars).

This cigar never got bitter (as a matter of fact, most Cubans, if smoked properly - i.e. not drawn on heavily - shouldn't become bitter/harsh at all) and maintained a lingering aftertaste of unobtrusive earthy saltiness. The burn was reasonably uniform and I only parted with the cigar (with fashionably heavy heart), about 1 inch to the end. I managed to get between 20-30 minutes of enjoinment from my Siglo I, coupled with a glass of 10-year old Port.

Now, please don't get me wrong, I am by no means a "seasoned" or "experienced" cigar smoker, but this Cohiba did live up to its reputation in my eyes. My rating out of 5? 5 and a big half, please! I hope I managed not to bore you all to death here with a page-long review full of phantasmagoric remarks and post-modern monologues, spiced with self-reflections and inner meditation about a cigars. I thought these pages were just a touch too full of such creations.

Aside from 1/3 being a commentary on the reviewer's "seasoning" and anit-smoking laws, this was a good review to read. Gives a nice taste description of the cigar vitola [a nice bonus that he smoked two to compare] and some comparisons. Would have liked to see a few more notes and a little less on how he is not a 'cigar - chef' Reviewed by Michael L
Rating: 6.8/10

OK I'm not to sure where the reviewer is going at the beginning of this review, but once I got past the first paragraph, the review gets to the point. I would have liked to know a little more about each stage of the smoke, the look, feel, the pre-light and so on. Use the page to tell me more about the cigar, because the Siglo 1 has a lot to say Reviewed by Scotto.
Score 7/10

Excellent review. Clear concise and to the point. Concur with flavour and description and like the style of writing Reviewed by Smokeymo.
Score 9/10


Reviewed by Rob Sunshine-Barinbaum (April 2003)

It just so happens that I had a Siglo I sitting in my humidor. A friend and avid cigar collector had given it to me and claimed it came from a wonderful production from 97

The appearance of the cigar had a very dark and extremely oily wrapper , so oily the label had turned dark orange. The construction seemed to have a contrast because it had a very flat cap but the body itself looked a bit bumpy and rough. Even though this was a smaller cigar, it glistened with the thoughts of a long smoke....it defiantly had my imagination going.

I was laying on the couch, a book in hand, jazz on the air waves and a glass of water on the coffee table. I was relaxed, and finally done dreaming of how this was going to play on my senses so I set the cigar to the flame. When I first lit it I was VERY disappointed because it had a very tight draw. The aroma was very distinct, but I was turning blue in the face and not really able to enjoy much more of the smoke. Once I got past the first quarter inch, I suddenly almost inhaled a huge thick cloud of smoke because it loosened up. Once I relaxed and stopped sweating there was not a single thing a could say negative against this smoke. It was very smooth and very earthy tasting, not peppery, but dark tasting. As I continued towards the last half, the spice suddenly kicked in and was fallowed by strong coffee flavors. While enjoying this, I wished I could have lived in a bubble containing only the smoke from this cigar because it was so aromatic and fragrant.

Over all, my imagination did not let me down. The first sample of the smoke was tough because of the draw. Once I had it going, nothing was going to ruin that cigar. The cigar had so much flavors that started with subtle mushroom taste to the extreme spice of a true power house. Because of the taste and how good it looked, I never read more than a page from my book. I was enthralled by the smoke leaving the cigar and the rings from my mouth. As I watched it burn, it amazed me how much oil was coming to the surface of the cigar as it heated up. Whom ever the tobacco deities of the world are, they were looking down on me with a smile knowing what a treasure I was putting into my catacombs of great smokes.

Reviewed by Joe Gellman

I was about to grab a Pilsner Urquell from the fridge when I was reminded by my little mind-imp who always tells me when I have screwed up something, that I had promised to do a tasting on a Cohiba. Not my favorite brand due to the inability to get them at a decent price and, if I try to get them from an unknown source, most likely to get a fake. Of course, the fact that the real love of my life, the Lancero, always seems to be an iffy buy, does not help the situation.

I went to my study for a Siglo I and had to smile at the fact that these came by way of an unexpected gift. Bloom was evident on every cigar. As with most of the Siglo line, it ain't the prettiest skin in the lot. The robe always reminds me of an aged ingenue, too long in the sun and starlight. [Notice the double entendre'? The wrapper is also known as the robe, and that is what an ingenue would wear, n'est pas?]

The cigar is firm, a tad too venous looking for a beauty contest, and made to the perfection required by Cohiba. I cut the perilla with my handy chavetta and get the cedar matches ready. Quickly, I open the Pilsner, take a seat on my deck, and light the cigar. To much dramatic stuff? OK.

The cigar has a salty taste before lighting, and smells of sweet, old, wood. The cigar lights well and burns slowly. The first draw emits woodsy aromas with a hint of burning leaves. The ash is deep gray and is rather solid. Since the cigar is a Tres Petit Corona (Perla), I expect there to be little change in the flavors and aromas as I get to the first half of the cigar. Wrong, again, G-Man! Just a few minutes into the cigar I noticed a peppery flavor that melded well with the wood notes. The ash remained on the cigar for the first half, and after breaking it off, was brittle to the touch yet fully consumed.

The lightness begins to fade to medium strength just after the halfway marker. By now, I have finished the bottle of Czech beer and need another. I laid the cigar down and rushed to the kitchen for my second bottle, returning in time not to have lost the momentum of the smoke and not having to re-light the cigar. The bitterness of the original Pilsner brew blends well with this cigar. It is long enough for a slow beer or two 10 oz bottles. Either way, I think this beverage is the best compliment for the Siglo I.

The Cubans have a name for the way the cigar burns, it is "arder." The combustibility of the cigar is an essential quality which the Cohiba brand guarantees, as long as you buy from a legitimate source.

I am getting near the cabo and I notice the cigar has begun to release it's flavors, giving me an explosive (well, in the manner of a firecracker versus a stick of TNT) finish.

I suspect the age and bloom have added to the joy of the cigar. I never drink coffee or port with this cigar, preferring the crisp intertwining of the Pilsner and the tang of the spice to add to the event.

It is September 20, 2002, and I am of to New York to pick up my daughter, Tara, and drive back to LA It ought to be a grand trip. I plan to smoke a different cigar at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each day. Since I only have 9 different cigars, I am going to try to make the trip in 3 days. Report to follow.


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by Marco on Friday 15 May, 2020
Brilliant cigar. Starts of with classic Cuban earthy, woody tones before developing to a subtle pepper and notes of mint. Slight kink in the first third which caused a tight draw but this evened out quickly. Not the cheapest smoke, but a very well made cigar.
by Mathew on Friday 08 May, 2020
Very smooth and more mild than you think. Can taste cocoa and is a really pleasant smoke. Not overpowering but it was rolled perhaps too well as the drag wasnt brilliant.
by David on Thursday 05 March, 2020
The classic short break cigar with a fantastic sweet, milky coffee, honey and cedar notes. David - C.Gars Ltd Cigar Ambassador
by Laurence on Wednesday 21 August, 2019
Just wanted to give a recent review to the more recent ones showing here that gave me some concern. My first cohiba, not disappointed, easy to draw, even burn and lasted 35 mins. Happy chappy 😁
by James on Thursday 08 March, 2018
I concur with recent disappointed reviews of this offering from Cohiba. My example was nicely aged and I had been looking forward to a half hour of indulgence. In the event it was, well, a non event. Bland and lacking development, my advice is try something else, such as the quietly magnificent Vegas Robaina Familiar. Similar price and far superior.
Displaying 11 to 15 (of 44 reviews)
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