Cohiba Siglo I Cigar - 1 Single

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Description Ref # CO1101

Flavour: Medium
Length: 4" (102mm)
Ring Gauge: 40
Packaging: Single cigar

Tasting Notes

The smallest of the Siglos, an authentic appetizer. The Siglo line has permitted the Cohiba brand name to pass from tradition to modern times.


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by Matthew on Thursday 03 August, 2017
Somewhat disappointed with this cigar. I had built it up a little I suppose based on the price and brand name. A moderately tight draw just south of unsmokable. No real taste to speak of although it improved very slightly in the second half. Weak pallid smoke and and uneven, lopsided burn. Pairing with Thatchers Summer Haze cider helped a little and a swig after each draw seemed to help out. Way overpriced for the experience but I'm sure I'll try something else from Cohiba in the near future.
by Samuel on Sunday 21 May, 2017
Mine had a very tight draw and I didn't think much of the flavour either, really quite bland with not much going on, very narrow. I will purchase again as this could have been due to the tight draw and the fact that the cigar was very obviously overpacked, I thought Cohiba had some of the best quality control in the industry? Never mind, I have a Maduro 5 that will hopefully make up for it. Definitely sample it, I have no doubt that one without these problems would be a great smoke, these things can happen with hand made products of course.
by paul on Sunday 04 December, 2016
Not a bad smoke but not as good as the bolivar no2 which is the same price and had more flavour and a much longer smooth flavoured smoke. Flavour is a bit on the short side until the last third which is sweet, ash stacks up ok with a good bit of smoke. I'll be sticking with the bolivar much better value for money.
by Staff on Friday 03 June, 2016
Reviewed by Joe Gellman I was about to grab a Pilsner Urquell from the fridge when I was reminded by my little mind-imp who always tells me when I have screwed up something, that I had promised to do a tasting on a Cohiba. Not my favorite brand due to the inability to get them at a decent price and, if I try to get them from an unknown source, most likely to get a fake. Of course, the fact that the real love of my life, the Lancero, always seems to be an iffy buy, does not help the situation. I went to my study for a Siglo I and had to smile at the fact that these came by way of an unexpected gift. Bloom was evident on every cigar. As with most of the Siglo line, it ain't the prettiest skin in the lot. The robe always reminds me of an aged ingenue, too long in the sun and starlight. [Notice the double entendre'? The wrapper is also known as the robe, and that is what an ingenue would wear, n'est pas?] The cigar is firm, a tad too venous looking for a beauty contest, and made to the perfection required by Cohiba. I cut the perilla with my handy chavetta and get the cedar matches ready. Quickly, I open the Pilsner, take a seat on my deck, and light the cigar. To much dramatic stuff? OK. The cigar has a salty taste before lighting, and smells of sweet, old, wood. The cigar lights well and burns slowly. The first draw emits woodsy aromas with a hint of burning leaves. The ash is deep gray and is rather solid. Since the cigar is a Tres Petit Corona (Perla), I expect there to be little change in the flavors and aromas as I get to the first half of the cigar. Wrong, again, G-Man! Just a few minutes into the cigar I noticed a peppery flavor that melded well with the wood notes. The ash remained on the cigar for the first half, and after breaking it off, was brittle to the touch yet fully consumed. The lightness begins to fade to medium strength just after the halfway marker. By now, I have finished the bottle of Czech beer and need another. I laid the cigar down and rushed to the kitchen for my second bottle, returning in time not to have lost the momentum of the smoke and not having to re-light the cigar. The bitterness of the original Pilsner brew blends well with this cigar. It is long enough for a slow beer or two 10 oz bottles. Either way, I think this beverage is the best compliment for the Siglo I. The Cubans have a name for the way the cigar burns, it is "arder." The combustibility of the cigar is an essential quality which the Cohiba brand guarantees, as long as you buy from a legitimate source. I am getting near the cabo and I notice the cigar has begun to release it's flavors, giving me an explosive (well, in the manner of a firecracker versus a stick of TNT) finish. I suspect the age and bloom have added to the joy of the cigar. I never drink coffee or port with this cigar, preferring the crisp intertwining of the Pilsner and the tang of the spice to add to the event.
by Staff on Friday 03 June, 2016
Reviewed by Rob Sunshine-Barinbaum (April 2003) It just so happens that I had a Siglo I sitting in my humidor. A friend and avid cigar collector had given it to me and claimed it came from a wonderful production from 97 The appearance of the cigar had a very dark and extremely oily wrapper , so oily the label had turned dark orange. The construction seemed to have a contrast because it had a very flat cap but the body itself looked a bit bumpy and rough. Even though this was a smaller cigar, it glistened with the thoughts of a long defiantly had my imagination going. I was laying on the couch, a book in hand, jazz on the air waves and a glass of water on the coffee table. I was relaxed, and finally done dreaming of how this was going to play on my senses so I set the cigar to the flame. When I first lit it I was VERY disappointed because it had a very tight draw. The aroma was very distinct, but I was turning blue in the face and not really able to enjoy much more of the smoke. Once I got past the first quarter inch, I suddenly almost inhaled a huge thick cloud of smoke because it loosened up. Once I relaxed and stopped sweating there was not a single thing a could say negative against this smoke. It was very smooth and very earthy tasting, not peppery, but dark tasting. As I continued towards the last half, the spice suddenly kicked in and was fallowed by strong coffee flavors. While enjoying this, I wished I could have lived in a bubble containing only the smoke from this cigar because it was so aromatic and fragrant. Over all, my imagination did not let me down. The first sample of the smoke was tough because of the draw. Once I had it going, nothing was going to ruin that cigar. The cigar had so much flavors that started with subtle mushroom taste to the extreme spice of a true power house. Because of the taste and how good it looked, I never read more than a page from my book. I was enthralled by the smoke leaving the cigar and the rings from my mouth. As I watched it burn, it amazed me how much oil was coming to the surface of the cigar as it heated up. Whom ever the tobacco deities of the world are, they were looking down on me with a smile knowing what a treasure I was putting into my catacombs of great smokes.
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 41 reviews)
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