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Can You Cut a Cigar in Half?

Can you cut a cigar in half? Technically yes, but the real question is: Should you? Definitely not! Most aficionados would never cut a cigar in half unless they really need to as cutting a cigar in half is considered a big no!

So why cut a cigar in half at all?
When talking about proper cigar smoking etiquette, cutting a cigar in half is considered a big no, but here is why some people think it is ok?

Saving Money - Many people purchase Churchill size cigars with the intention of cutting it in half, they will cut them right in the middle, giving them two cigars for the price of one. It has also been known for customers to buy a double corona to cut it into three! If you are interested in this practice you will save money.

You want to share a cigar - Cutting a cigar in half to share it with a friend is a beginner's mistake. Usually, it’s someone who has never smoked a cigar before and wants to try one, or it could be two new smokers who want to try the same cigar. Cutting a cigar in half and sharing it doesn’t work to get the full experience of the cigar, as the flavours in the first half will be completely different in the second half. The best thing to do is to purchase your own entire cigar.

Now let's look at why cutting a cigar in half is a bad idea:

Your cigar will unravel - A premium cigar consists of whole tobacco leaves creating a wrapper, binder and filler. All of these are carefully blended and rolled by hand to combust at an even pace and deliver specific flavours. When you cut a cigar in half, the wrapper will likely unravel, and the build strength of the binder and filler tobaccos are destroyed. Lighting and smoking the cut up portions will also be a messy task.

Tobacco is different on both ends - The filler, binder and wrapper leaves in a premium cigar are intentionally put together in specific order by the cigar roller. The taste will no longer represent the intention of the blend because you will start to light in the middle of the cigar.

What to do instead of cutting a cigar in half

Many brands who provide a long cigar will have the same blend in a shorter format. It is always best to enjoy a cigar in one sitting instead of saving a half smoked cigar for later or cutting one into smaller pieces. Alternatively you could try a milder cigar, this ensures you will enjoy it always and it won’t feel like a chore.

How to cut a cigar in half

If you still feel like you need to cut a cigar in half, try these tips. 

  • Choose a cheap cigar to start, you don’t want to buy a cigar and then potentially destroy it by cutting it in half. 
  • Remove the cellophane. The cellophane will be the toughest part to cut, can potentially jam up your blades and disturb your clean cut.
  • Use a sharp cutter. Using a sharp cutter will give you best chance of a clean cut, as you are cutting off more than a cap it is incredibly important to cut the cigar in one quick motion and not disturb the wrapper leaf too much. If you cut too slow, you’ll damage the wrapper and create a big mess.

Written by Oliver Partington