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Caldwell Cigars

There’s not many boutique brands that have had as big a “hype train” as Caldwell. They seem to have gone from a little-known brand, to one of the most talked about, in no time at all! Sometimes “fad cigars” can leave us a bit disappointed, but this one has some legitimacy. This brand will surprise and delight you and is certainly one that you should submit to the latest trend with. Unique and interesting blending meets quality and style. This is one hype train that won’t be derailed!

Caldwell cigars was created in 2014 by Robert Caldwell. He had a very simple agenda: to create incredible cigars using well aged and rare tobaccos and to enjoy what they do. 

They use very well aged tobaccos to enhance the flavours coming from the cigar. Robert knew that tobacco is a crop and just like any other crop they have their seasons which can affect flavour. He experimented with ageing tobaccos for a very long time and he found that by ageing the leaves the flavours are more consistent year-over-year. Caldwell has always leaned towards tobaccos that are harder to procure, or more difficult to grow so they can deliver a flavour that is a bit different to what we are used to.

Robert has been a nonstop creative force since entering the cigar industry in 2008. He found himself in the industry due to his love of cigars as well as fate. He started by creating a hospitality cigar distribution company. After staying at many different hotels he noticed how hard it was for the hotel to get good quality cigars so that's when he decided to create the company and shipped all around the U.S. The idea was meant to be a side project, however the company grew that fast he decided to concentrate on it full time.

From there he went on to manufacture private brands for a variety of hotels and restaurateurs before opening The Wynwood Cigar Factory in Miami, Florida. This turned out to be a great learning experience and led Robert to the Dominican Republic where his concepts and creativity really took off.

They are a business built on friendship and fun and their goals will always be: Creation, innovation and ambition. All three can be seen in their cigar.

The Eastern Standard is a blend of rare and aged Grade A tobaccos which has been aged for between 6 -7 years. This cigar has a flavourful, creamy, and smooth flavour profile with subtle notes of pepper and spice. 

The Long Live The King has tobaccos aged between 3-4 years. It greets your palate with notes of earth, oak, dark chocolate, and hints of black pepper.

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Written by Oliver Partington