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Cigar school, Wow, who knew that the processes of the humble Tobacco leaf to a finished cigar was so involved and complex.

The process of growing the tobacco plant itself is complex, the grade of the earth needs to be of good quality and needs to be prepared before planting can begin. The earth needs to be ploughed several times so that the earth is loose, as the tobacco plant only thrives well in loose soil. Some plants are grown in the shade and some in the sunlight, those plants grown in the shade are purely for the wrapper, the sun grown leaves are for the filler and binder.

Harvesting is yet again another marathon taking approximately 17 weeks, with all the leaves being hand-picked, but only 2-3 at a time and days must be left in-between each harvest. Then there is the curing which takes between 25 and 50 days depending on the way they are dried. Then the fermentation process starts and depending on the type of leaf this takes between 20 and 90 days. Then the leaves are baled and aged for at least 2 years.

After 3 years since the last tobacco leaves were picked, they finally arrive at the factory. And then the crafts men and women work their magic to create the cigar, with so many sizes and flavours.

I found my cigar school experience incredible, because I am a complete novice and the best part of all was I got to smoke a cigar! (It was a Montecristo Petit Tubos which was amazing) even more so knowing how much had gone into creating it.

Virtual Cigar SchoolVirtual Cigar SchoolVirtual Cigar School

Julie Bugg - 10/10/20