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Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro Cigar - Box of 25

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Description Ref # VR0001

Length: 7 5/8" 
Ring Gauge: 49
Flavour: Medium to Full
Packaging: Box of 25 Cigars 

Vitola: Prominentes
Smoking Time: 60+ Minutes 
Other Cigars in this Vitola: 
Partagas Lusitanias
Punch Double Coronas

Since 1845 the Robaina family has farmed tobacco continuously on its precious vegas (fields) at Cuchillas de Barbacoa situated in the San Luis district of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco zone. 

Vegas Robaina cigars were introduced in 1997 as a tribute to Cuban tobacco farmers through the figurehead of Don Alejandro Robaina whose reputation in his day for producing the finest wrapper leaves was legendary. In effect the brand honours all the annoymous tobacco growers whose knowledge and skill make Habanos what they are today. 

Tasting Notes

This is a full bodied cigar, but remains smooth and consistent. Potent, creamy and spicy, this is a good after lunch smoke.


92 / 100

"...It takes awhile for this double corona to warm up, but settles in nicely to a rich, complex smoke full of cocoa, coffee bean, almond and black cherry flavour..."


Rare Whisky Specialist


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by Ben on Thursday 30 January, 2020
I treated myself to one of these Don Alejandro cigars and I can honestly say I did enjoy this, I dont really smoke the full cigars as they are too much for me currently but this was nice and creamy and a slight sweetness now and again, I had this with a smooth slightly sweet coffee and it was great, the only two downsides I found is the cost as Im not sure I would have this one again just due to the cost as it is without a doubt great but is it this great for the price tag and towards the end it was just too bitter but some people may like the bitter. Maybe for special occasions only unless you are happy with putting this much value into your monthly luxury budget in which case go for it.
by Stuart on Monday 05 September, 2016
I bought a box of these on a trip to Cuba back in 2004. They're so big that finding a time and a place to smoke such a cigar is a problem in itself. I laid the cigars down, swapped a few, but kept most, and finally dug deep into the humidor and picked one out just last night. On purchase, I read that this smoke would need about a decade of ageing before it could relly be considered in its correct light.So, what was it like, some 12 years later? I lit the thing with a match and lighter. It's big, and lighting is a task. The draw was stiff and this signalled a troublesome smoke. The ash was white, and strong, but the effort required to get some smoke out of the cigar was givng me a headache. Tastewise, I could detect leathers and nuts, but there was little or no strength to the cigar. Very soon in, there was bitterness, but it disappeared quickly. It burned well initially, needing correction only once, but then started to cone alarmingly. Half-way through, the cigar settled into something more like I'd expected and it cruised home to its end with no further problems. I enjoyed it, but a smoke this size should have way more punch than it had. Marks out of 10? I'm saying 6. And be prepared to invest a whole 90 minutes into this one!
by Staff on Wednesday 08 June, 2016
Reviewed by Joe Gellman (25th October 2001) First the man, then the cigar. In 1845 the Robaina family began producing tobacco. A little over 100 years later, Alejandro Robaina took control of the family business. The leaf grows on his personal hectare is stupendous. He grows coffee and cocoa beans for his personal use. He has divined, in the ambrosian sense, a method for growing superior plants. His efforts have paid off, handsomely. While many may take the three hour drive from Havana to the Don's home, very few have been lucky enough to spend the better part of the day with him. The group I was with, in November 2000, did just that. We were taken on what can only be called The Grand Tour of his domain. The events that took place dazzled every one of us, MO included! The café cubana, made from his homegrown beans never seemed to stop flowing. The special cigars he had rolled for us went quickly, only to be replaced by more. I am certain MO has some photos of the event; I know one hangs in his abode, signed by the Don, with your truly clinking coffee cups while MO squats at the feet of the Master. The DA is a double corona, measuring 193 x 20 (3/4 x 7 5/8). It is elegant to view, sensuous to the touch, and a delight to taste. But enough for the mundane. Several reviewers of this vitola have differing reports to make about almost every aspect of the cigar, except for giving it the highest rating. As usual, I tend to differ with all that has been said except for the rating. The wrapper is grown at the Don's farm to ensure perfection. The wrapper is a rich deep brown, silky to the touch, revealing a light oily sheen. Before lighting the cigar has a flattish indistinct flavor. The cigar is solid, no soft spots revealed, and is squarish as a result of the manner it is boxed. There is a distinct flavor and aroma of fresh coffee when first lit. The flavor remains throughout the smoke, wavering from subtle to slightly pronounced. In no case does this one flavor take over the cigar. The draw is perfect, cool, and produces ample amounts of smoke. The aroma fills the room with wisps of burning winter wood with a hint of wet leather (!). The cigar burns slow and even, producing a medium gray ash that adheres to the end until tapped off. After about 10 minutes you will notice a slight ambrosian flavor which never overshadows yet blends well to make this a rich, medium bodied smoke. Hints of winter blossoms come to mind and, a friend sitting near me said he thought he smelled flowers; I said nothing. After the first third of the cigar the flavors develop and what you tasted, first, just gets better. Most reviewers tried to write about this cigar while it was new to the market and did not do it justice. One writer said the last part of the cigar was hot and pasty. Another described the cigar as spicy. Both were wrong. Both were correct. When this cigar was first produced it was destined for aging before smoking. Without the development of the various leaves, with some age, this cigar is not worth smoking. Fortunately, the cigar is now aged before shipping and you will be more than pleased at your purchase. I kept a box for a year, smoking two cigars a month. After a dew months the cigar became one of the best in my humidor. One warning: You must be prepared to spend some time with this friend. It does smoke slowly, giving you the most for your money. Thumbs up for the Don and his ability to forget with the hands of the Gods.
by Staff on Wednesday 08 June, 2016
Reviewed by Joe P (March 2002) I was pleasantly surprised to be selected as one this months taste testers. I eagerly opened my envelope containing 3 Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro's. This cigar is also known as the double corona. It measures 7 5/8 X 49. This is considered a mild cigar. All 3 cigars looked similar, dark in color, with a medium shine. They all seemed well constructed with a nice cap, smooth wrappers, and a firm feel. I promise not to use any descriptions that I have become so tired of reading in the leading cigar magazine. I haven't tasted leather, soil, or juniper berries. I'll keep it simple and to the point. As I took my notes, I broke down each cigar into 1/3's. I also double cut each cigar in an X pattern with a table-top V cutter. Here goes: The 1st cigar was firm to the feel, with a hard spot near the cap. The draw was fine as I lit up, instantly I was distracted from lighting, by the rich aroma. The first 1/3 of this cigar was pleasant, with an even burn and a solid ash. The flavor was mild, yet rich and mature. As I entered the middle of this cigar I noticed a spicy aftertaste. I'm now at the half way point, 25 minutes have passed. My ashes were coming off in pieces at least 1 inch long. I set the cigar down for 7-8 minutes while I took some notes. When I put it back in my mouth, it was still lit, with an even burn. As I entered the final 1/3 the rich flavor slightly increased, and the draw slowed down. This cigar lasted 70 minutes and got more intense as time went on. This was a classic, a real smokers cigar, with a great finish. I think I could have reassembled the large pieces of ash and smoked it again. I do confess to smoking the 1" butt about an hour later for another 10 minutes of pleasure. Cigar #2 - This cigar felt firm overall, but the foot was a bit loose. Upon lighting, the draw was quick. This cigar started with an uneven burn and a loose ash. It seemed to smoke faster. The rich mild flavor was present. After about 10 minutes the problems I was having straightened themselves out. The cigar now burned even, and the ash was solid. The spicy aftertaste was present, as a fantastic aroma lingered around the room. The draw was perfect, the flavor pleasantly intensified. 65 minutes later I was done. Cigar #3 - This cigar had an even, firm feel throughout. The cigar lit up evenly but soon turned into a very uneven burn. The first ash was loose and broke apart. This fixed itself just like cigar #2 did. The middle of this cigar was heaven, medium, rich, flavor that intensified. Medium amount of smoke, pleasant aroma. Spicy aftertaste. Once again, this cigar seemed to slow down towards the end, still burning even, just slower. A great finish. 70 minutes long. Recap - These cigars showed all the signs of quality. Great appearance, smooth wrapper, dark in color, semi-oily. They were firm in feel. Overall, the ash was firm and the cigar stayed lit, even when put down for a time. The fact that 2 of these cigars started out a little uneven then corrected themselves says quality construction. The taste and aroma was mature and rich, yet mild. Not strong or bitter. I also enjoyed the increase in flavor and spicy aftertaste as the time went on. I would highly recommend this cigar, it is complex. It's mild and manageable at first, then catches you by surprise with the finish. It has something everyone can appreciate, from beginner to aficionado.
by ArchivedCgarsReviews on Saturday 03 November, 2007
A fantastic but misunderstood cigar. The conclusions of bitter and draw problems which are bandied about around these cigars are invariably due to inadequate aging. These cigars have been designed to be fantastic in coming decades and have been blended with the raw materials to provide this: tannins (which are bitter when cigars are young) and oils (which cause draw problems in unaged cigars), so it is unfair to say these are poor cigars. They may not smoke well now, but keep a box for 10 years and prepare to be amazed! written by Big Ed
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 11 reviews)
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