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Top 5 New World Cigars Chosen By You!

1. Mitchellero Novellini

We’re delighted to introduce my new Mitchellero range of Nicaraguan cigars - Available in all the most popular sizes.

Made by hand with premium long filler tobacco and the smoothest dark wrappers, which creates the perfect construction for the coolest of smokes.

Available exclusively at C.Gars Ltd and Turmeaus cigar shops at an incredible value for money price - Do not confuse this brand for cheap imitations. There is nothing on the market that will compare to the quality and price of this excellent premium cigar.

The blend is perfectly balanced: Medium strength and medium to full flavour.

A sweet and satisfying smoke from the first to the last puff with no aggression or bitterness. Filled with notes of dark chocolate in the first third, cedar notes in the middle third and rich spice in the last. 

Many of you found this to be your new favourite especially for the price! Not too sweet or bitter with one person rating it 5 out of 5, "burn was great and not too sweet or harsh".


2. Davidoff Winston Churchill Raconteur Petit Panatela

There is only one Winston Churchill and only one cigar that can do justice to the man - Davidoff Winston Churchill cigars present a blend as complex as the man himself.

Sir Winston was a raconteur, a lover of “les bon mots”. A teller of tales and a weaver of words, his speeches were as captivating in private as they were in public. The anecdotes would intermingle like the complex flavours of this Petit Panetela which starts a little earthy with hints of spice and liquorice but then, against a backdrop of floral and herb notes, it begins to gradually mellow out. Like the end of an evening in the conversational company of the Great Man himself.

Earthy and spicy, balanced off with floral notes.

The overwhelming consensus is that its great for beginners, you found it top quality and left you wanting more.


3. Davidoff Winston Churchill Traveller Belicoso Cigar 

Throughout his life Sir Winston was a traveller, a wayfarer, exploring the world through his work as a war correspondent, widening his horizons and his mind. This took him to Cuba and to the beginning of his love affair with cigars. Indeed seeds from the island are in the fabric of the Belicoso.

Later, his roaming spirit would take him to Marrakesh, the inspiration for many of his paintings and a location as rich and full-flavoured as this Belicoso format cigar, which would certainly satisfy Sir Winston’s taste for the exotic.

Leather and roasted almonds followed by a creamy aftertaste.

You felt like it was a great feeling cigar to have, super light and creamy. A lot of you decided it is your go to cigar when you need a 30 minute smoke.




4. Arturo Fuente Exquisitos

Arturo Fuente cigars are consistently rated among the best cigars in the world. Their reputation for unsurpassed quality, with both flavour and construction, has amassed a loyal following among cigar connoisseurs.

Many of you found this to be a very enjoyable experience and it turned out to be one of the best small cigars available.





5. Inka Secret Blend Red Robusto Cigar

These cigars are hand rolled using 100% Peruvian long filler leaves, and also made with 100% Peruvian tobacco in Tarapoto Peru. The tobacco is aged and the flavours as a result are sweet.  

Each cigar is quality controlled at the factory to ensure each smoke is well constructed, easy to draw and smooth from start to finish. 

Suitable for the experienced cigar smoker although also to be appreciated by the novice experimenting with flavour characteristics from different tobacco growing regions.

The pre light is tangy and sweet. The blend is bold, full bodied and full sweet flavoured from the first to the last puff with a delightful bouquet. Medium to full in strength with a good long satisfying finish on the palate.

Many of you found this smoke to be incredible for the price, giving you an enjoyable experience. You also found the construction to be excellent as well as the burn and flavours.


Written by Oliver Partington