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The Perfect Whisky Glass

Having a sip of your favourite whisky, enjoying all of the different flavours splashing your tongue, could anything make that moment any nicer? Actually yes! Did you know having the perfect whisky glass can enhance the flavours and aromas you have? 

Whisky glasses are specifically designed to enhance the aromas you get from your whisky. The best and most popular glasses feature a bulbous body shape which allows aromas to be collected and be directed through a narrow rim which in turn goes straight to the nose giving you a burst of fresh smells which you wouldn't get out of a regular glass.

Having the correct glass can definitely improve your enjoyment of your favourite whisky and maybe unlock aromas which you may not have noticed before. There's a size and shape for every whisky fan, these range from a glencairn to an extravagant copita glass, this short guide should help you get more from your favourite drams.

The Copita glass

Traditionally used in Spain to sample sherry, it quickly became the first choice of master distillers from around the world. The glass shape squeezes all of the aromas in a small area, only letting it out of a small rim which really concentrates the aromas to give you a surge of amazing scents of which you may not of noticed before. Its long almost wine glass like stem prevents the smell of your hands mixing with the whisky scent giving you pure joy up your nose. A glass to suit a whisky connoisseur.

The Glencairn glass

A similar shape to the copita glass but considered more robust although still designed to do the same job. The glass is slightly thicker which is perfect for the everyday whisky drinker and due to its size, the Glencairn glass is perfect for whisky swirling which is a practice used often to open up the aromas giving you a full appreciation of what is happening inside the glass. Just like the copita glass the rim is designed to keep compact the aromas and aim them up the nose to fully receive the aromas. The Glencairn is popular amongst those who don’t like stems and favouring the solid and stable glass.

The whisky tumbler

This is the most common whisky glass. Designed to be filled with ice and whisky or making cocktails it's perfect for someone who likes the drink to speak for itself. The wide, solid base makes it ideal for everyday drinking. Due to its wide rim, this glass isn’t ideal if you like to nose your whisky and enjoy aromas.

The highball

Just the same as the whisky tumbler but taller, designed for whisky cocktails, it allows for plenty of ice, spirit and mixer. Definitely not designed for the everyday whisky lover who enjoys the aromas this again lets the drink do the talking.

Some distilleries also design their own glass for you to enjoy their whisky with, this may come in the form of a gift box, however don’t let the word gift put you off. The distillery would have designed these glasses specifically so you can get the best out of the whisky you have just bought, they are giving you a helping hand or a gift if you will so you can get the real flavours of the whisky.

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Written by Oliver Partington - 09/01/2021