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Ramon Allones Gigantes Cigar - 1 Single

Ramon Allones Gigantes Cigar - 1 Single

Date Added: Tuesday 07 June, 2016 by Staff

Reviewed by Tony Sasso - December 2005

As soon as I was handed this stick I noticed the soft and silky rapper. It was lightly glossed with a delicious and aromatic amount of oil. The form was very uniform with an excellent 3 ring cap to top it all off.

I cut the cigar and gave it a taste and dry draw. A tingle on the lips and earthy tone in the mouth let me know that this smoke would be very pleasing.

After a pre-burn and light the first few puffs revealed a gentle creamy vanilla smoke with tones of white pepper. This complex flavour combined within the first inch to reveal an interesting maturity.

By the one inch mark this cigar let out a buttery smooth pecan smoke that was thick and full. Every puff was slick and flavour full, hearty yet not to strong.

Once the 2nd inch was found an excellent whipped caramel heart just poured out of this smoke and drew me right in. Loving, full, sweet and earthy.

By the half way point I noticed the real ISOM nature starting to poke its head out. A peppery spice that was hinted at near the beginning was now showing up in the cigar.

Somewhere around inch 4 stronger wooden notes emerged with a back of nutmeg spice that just really turned up the experience.

Finally rounding the bend a strong heavy soily, meaty and toasty flavour hit me with an "OH YEA" reaction.

Overall I must say that this is an excellent Double Corona. It is like eating desert first and ending with a steak dinner. I would recommend this cigar to anyone who likes an alluring smoke. I just loved this one.

So, there it is. Not every cigar is good. This one was. Thanks again to Smokyballs for this great smoke.

Smokem' if you gotem'

I enjoyed reading the first several paragraphs of this review and thought the reviewer made the cigar sound very flavourful. Then I began thinking that maybe he went a little overboard with the flavour descriptions. And for some reason, the description, "strong heavy soily, meaty and toasty" made me wince. That just doesn't sound good to me. But overall, I think the author did a good job and it does make me want to smoke these.

Reviewed by: ScottyJ
Score: 8 out of 10

I was slightly distracted by the spelling errors, "rapper" and "not TO strong" but this was a good, straight forward no nonsense review. It told me what I wanted to know. An effort was made to describe pre-light and changes as the cigar progressed through the burning cycle. There was less imagery than in the second review but the cigar was described in a fashion that suggested I would like this cigar. I felt I was given enough information to make an informed decision.
Reviewed by: Darryl Rose
Score: 8 out of 10

This was the review that really made me want to try this cigar. The easy and friendly style of writing made me feel comfortable .. as though the writer was comfortable and knowledgeable of the subject. The use of adjectives was not extreme but complimentary .. buttery smooth pecan .. creamy vanilla smoke .. sounds delicious .. like you can almost taste it.

Reviewed by: Chris Cacciotti
Score: 9 out of 10