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Plasencia Exclusive Orchant + Dominique Seleccion 2021 Cigar

The Plasencia Orchant Seleccion and Dominique Seleccion are a limited release cigar with only 375 boxes of 8 which is only 3000 individuals available, and are of course only available to CGars Ltd and Turmeaus.

Plasencia are the leading producer of premium cigars and also the largest producer of tobacco in Central America. They were awarded 1st place in a consumer blind taste test help by Manuel’s which is one of the most renowned cigar shops in Zurich, Switzerland. The award was for the Alma del Campo Tribu, which was one of the company’s first brand name cigars introduced to market.

The Plasencia Seleccions was created from the volcanic soil of Nicaragua. The volcanic Ometepe tobaccos in the binder and filler are noticed straight away on the palate, producing earth, pepper and a charred wood notes which are balanced with the sweetness of the Jalapa wrapper.

Jalapa is one of the three main tobacco growing areas of Nicaragua. The Jalapa Valley is known for its elegant tobacco, because of the elegance and beauty of the leaf it tends to be used for a Nicaraguan wrapper. The soil is a red clay like consistency and considered to be the best area to grow tobacco.

The Esteli and Ometepe regions provide the binder. Esteli is an agricultural town in Nicaragua where most of the countries cigars are made, a lot of the stronger Nicaraguan cigars use tobacco from there. Ometepe is a volcanic island near Lake Nicaragua where only a small amount of tobacco is grown due to the difficult soil. However it is full of nutrients and is known to give the tobacco a sweet earthy taste.

The filler contains three different tobaccos all from the regions mentioned above. However it is a different part of the plant. The Esteli Seco is more mild but the Seco is what makes up the body of the cigar as it can fit more leaves in a smaller area. Once bunched with the other filler tobaccos the Seco leaves make up most of the filler while the Ligero gives it the punch.

The Ligero Jalapa tends to be thicker and stronger than the Seco. It’s grown from the Criollo 98 tobacco seed near Honduras. Finally the Viso Ometepe tobacco gives it the charred wood flavours you would expect from a volcanic region.

Mitchell Orchant, “Our No.1 New Release for 2022. An exclusive limited release cigar of exceptional blend and taste.”

Cigar Journal has rated the Orchant Seleccion Toro cigar 92/100

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Written by Oliver Partington