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Mastro de Paja Banner

In 1972 Giancarlo Guidi, after having spent some time as a hobbyist in producing pipes, decided to officially found a production workshop called "Mastro de Paja". Mastro: obviously as a master craftsman, De Paja: it derives from the name with which he was affectionately called by friends "Pajetta" because of his curly hair and translated into a dialectal expression "de Paja".

Currently the Mastro produces about 2 thousand pipes a year following a strict artisan procedure, Making each pipe not only individual but also of the highest quality.

Each pipe is completely different, it is necessary to love it, it is a style of being, a philosophy of life that can only be appreciated by a noble pipe smoking soul and not noble by title but by principle. Mastro de Paja creative collection pipe with half-rusticated finish and methacrylate mouthpiece, decorated with an elegant ring, completely handmade.
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