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Perdomo Cigars

Perdomo cigars are a family owned and operated company, all overseen by their founder Nick Perdomo, they control every process from farming operations and manufacturing in the valleys of Esteli and Jalapa (Nicaragua) to the distribution centre and headquarters in Miami (Florida). The manufacturing facilities consist of farms, greenhouses, curing barns, fermentation warehouses, production facilities, a box factory and first class packaging. They ensure each department is fully committed to making sure quality is the top priority.

It takes 3,054 steps to make a Perdomo cigar from seed to finished cigar and each cigar is inspected 17 times before being shipped for distribution. It all starts at Finca Natalie - Perdomos most prestigious farm which is named after Nick and his wife Janine’s daughter. Located in Esteli, Nicaragua, it has four curing barns, each holding 9,720,000 tobacco leaves in a season thats's a total of 38,880,000 leaves per year! And of course every leaf is harvested by hand.

Every tobacco plant is protected in a perfect greenhouse environment prior to transplanting them onto the farm. The roof is made with a special material which blocks 25% of the sun’s UV rays, this helps regulate the climate. The walls are made from fine cloth which allows airflow in and keeps insects, as well as airborne viruses and mould, out.

Every tobacco plant is inspected from top to bottom before being moved to the farm, Perdomo controls the quality and consistency of the blending of every cigar by managing the complete life cycle of each tobacco plant.

When they have been cultivated, the tobacco leaves get inspected before being strung by hand onto the eucalyptus sticks that hang in the curing barns. To show which leaf is from what harvest, Perdomo uses many different colours of string to determine the age of each leaf. During the curing process each leaf loses its chlorophyll and will become the perfect colour and texture, this process takes between 45 and 65 days depending on the size of the leaf.

Once the tobacco leaves have been cured, Perdomo ferments them in pylons for a minimum of three years. During this process the humidity and temperature of each pilon is monitored and altered if needed, this ensures the tobacco leaf ferments naturally to the perfect colour, texture, aroma and flavour.

Tobacco legend Aristides Garcia leads a team of experts who inspect each leaf throughout the fermentation process. With over seventy five years of experience, Aristides is more than qualified to decide which leaf is perfect and which needs more time to ferment.

Each Perdomo cigar is hand checked for quality and consistency in the wrapper, cap, blend and weight before being aged. Filled with rich aromas from previous cigars, the ageing rooms are humidity and temperature controlled to perfection. They will stay in these rooms for a minimum of six to eight months depending on the type of wrapper. It is during this time that the flavours marry together to create the perfect cigar.

The Reserve 10th Anniversary Connecticut is blended using tobaccos that have been carefully hand selected and aged for a minimum of six years. This cigar is where the technique of bourbon barrel ageing wrapper tobaccos started for Perdomo. This special ageing process was a Perdomo family secret for years and Nicholas Perdomo Sr aptly named the bourbon barrel aged Connecticut wrapper, the ‘champagne’ of wrappers.

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Written by Oliver Partington