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How to Cut a Torpedo Cigar

Figurados, otherwise known as Torpedos, Pyramids and Belicosos, stand out in your humidor due to their tapered head, this pointed head is deliberately designed to concentrate the smoke directly onto your palate with more intensity. Because they are more difficult to roll, they cost a little more than standard Parejos.

Cutting a Torpedo with a straight cutter
As with all cigars, you don’t want to cut too deep, a straight cutter is the easiest way to cut a Torpedo. Cut the tip to start and take a draw from the cigar to see if enough air is passing through, if not, cut a little bit more off.

Some people will lay a straight cutter flat on a table and cut however much of the cigar fits through the blades but is stopped by the table. By doing this it is impossible to cut off too much!
A less common technique with the straight cutter is to cut the Torpedo at an angle - To do this you simply angle the blade by 45 degrees, when the tip is inserted. This preserves the cigars pointed end but can encourage a slightly bigger or more open draw. The only drawback is that the cigar may not burn equally when the air passes through, but keep monitoring it and maybe touch it up every now and then.

Cutting a Torpedo with a V-Cutter
By cutting a Torpedo shaped cigar with a V-cutter it preserves the original shape of the cigar. A V-cut is designed to pull smoke from the top and bottom of the cigar equally and blends them together directly onto your palate, it also means as the stream is more slim compared to a straight cut you’ll find the strength to be more concentrated. If you do cut your Torpedo cigar with a V-cutter and find that the draw is not up to your liking, you can always cut the cigar slightly deeper with a guillotine cutter to open it more.

Cutting a Torpedo with a Punch Cutter
You can’t cut a Torpedo with a punch cutter. The shape of the cutter won't reach an area to cut so by even trying will just cause damage to the head of your cigar.

Written by Oliver Partington