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Five Cigar Cutters for Beginners

Choosing a cigar cutter can look like a daunting challenge. there are so many to choose from: Guillotine, V-cut, cigar scissors, the list is endless. As a beginner choosing the right accessories is important as it can affect your smoking experience. Below I have listed five different cutters that I personally would recommend for beginners:



Vertigo by Lotus Lil Bro Closed Back Cigar Cutter - 60 Ring Gauge

Vertigo products are a great go to for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on accessories and the Lil Bro closed back cigar cutter is perfect for a beginner. The double action makes for a clean cut every time and the closed back means you can’t cut off too much of the cigar cap.



Colibri SV Cut Cigar Cutter

The SV-Cut Cigar Cutter is a two-in-one combination of the insanely popular Colibri V-Cut and S-Cut cigar cutters.

The SV-Cut conveniently combines the V-Cut and S-Cut into one amazing cigar cutter without giving up any functionality or ease of use. The V-side of the SV-Cut uses the same blade as the original V-Cut and provides the identical clean “V”. The depth is easily regulated by holding the cigar head a bit further out—so cutting a smaller wedge out of lanceros or figurados is just as easy. 

On the S-side (straight cut), the aperture is slightly larger and could accommodate up to a 68-70-ring cigar.



Cigarism Vintage Flower Engraved Cigar Cutter

A solid and reliable cigar cutter finished in a beautiful bronze whilst boasting a beautiful vintage flower design. This cutter is a show off piece to all of your friends, they will think you have spent loads on a cutter whereas in truth its available at a bargain price. The blades are incredibly sharp and the dual action ensures a smooth cut.




Zino Z2 Double Blade Cutter

As always with any accessory from Davidoff you are buying a piece of luxury, and the Zino Z2 cutter is no different. The dual action surgical steel blades provide a smooth cut with high precision.





C.Gars Ltd Super Sharp Cigar Cutter - 60 Ring Gauge

Finally it is our own brand of cutter and it is great for beginners! As the name suggests it has super sharp blades that give you an easy cut at a great price. It’s shape can also be used as a cigar holder too. This is one of our most popular cutters and definitely a must have.

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Written by Oliver Partington