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Camacho Cigars

Camacho cigars are known for being bold and for their intense flavours throughout, they have been manufacturing for over 70 years and are well loved around the world! They are considered one of the premium ranges of cigars from the New World and their brand is based all around the flavours. If you have a Camacho cigar in your humidor then you will know about it!

It all began in 1961 when Simon Camacho was expelled from Cuba, at which point he moved to Miami, Florida where he set up his first cigar factory. However before he left Cuba he took some Corojo Cuban seeds which is why you get small hints of Cuba in their cigars. It proved to be a genius move as Camacho cigars gained fame around the world.

In 1990, 5 years after Simons death, the Eiroa Family took over the brand (Eiroa has a history in cultivation and dealing with tobacco). Soon after they acquired Camacho the tobacco production was moved from Nicaragua to Honduras.

During 2008 Davidoff took over Camacho along with the factory. With Davidoff’s supervision, Bayer CropScience partnered with Camacho to develop agricultural practices and has become the only cigar company which follows strict environmental standards - Due to this Camacho only uses bio-friendly fertilisers and pesticides.

Camacho has a range available to purchase, to begin with is the Custom Built range which consists of the Criollo, Corojo and Connecticut. These cigars all use the Corojo seed tobacco which is grown in Honduras, all three vary in strength and flavours.

The Nicaragua range became available in the UK in 2020, which introduced us to new bold Camacho flavours from Nicaragua. Forged from volcanic soil, Camacho Nicaragua is designed for the cigar smokers who love a Camacho and the peppery spice of Nicaragua.

New to the UK and C.Gars Ltd is the Camacho Ecuador it features a Cuban seed wrapper and a Brazilian Mata Fina binder which protects the Honduran and Dominican Pelo de Oro ligero filler leaves. Providing you with starting flavours of pepper with floral tones then delivering a complex array of flavours as you progress with the cigar. 

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Written by Oliver Partington