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Partagas Serie D No. 4 Cigar - 1 Single

Partagas Serie D No. 4 Cigar - 1 Single
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Flavour: Full
Length: 4 7/8" (124mm)
Ring Gauge: 50
Packaging: Single Cigar

Tasting Notes

Well balanced and smooth, classic cuban Partagas aroma and construction. Wonderful. A king amongst Robusto cigars.


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by Arthur on Tuesday 18 September, 2018
Recently tried one of these and really enjoyed it. Found it to be a good strong slow smoke and so enjoyable for this, probably my number one at the moment!
by David on Sunday 24 June, 2018
Nice chunky robusto.Best to rat tooth rather than a cutter.Retains long ash.Doesnt like being relit as becomes bitter otherwise good taste and great smell.
by Tony on Sunday 03 September, 2017
Partagas Serie D No. 4 Cigar i thought give this one a try i found it had woody flavoring with hint of spice had slightly tight draw an uneven burn and half way thought was a bit bitter lasted hour 30 min had to relight it twice on conclusion not the cigar for me i have had a lot better review TIGER TONY
by Staff on Tuesday 07 June, 2016
Reviewed by Anonymous At 4 7/8" long, with a ring gauge of 50, the Partagas Serie D No.4 is a cigar of classic Robusto proportions. The typical D4 has a chocolate coloured, almost oily wrapper, and is firmly built (albeit responsive to a gentle squeeze), with very little surface vein. I find the D4 an easy cigar to light, and one that burns well; there is no unevenness, and, because the draw is free and consistent, you don't need to puff too frequently or too hard to keep it alight. As a result, it does not burn too hot, which, in turn, means that there is not the bitterness that can be found with some Robustos. It also means that the D4 produces a satisfyingly long, very light grey, firmly packed ash. Each easy draw fills the mouth with a good volume of slightly sweet smelling, bluish smoke, which is where the real fun starts: the D4 is, to my mind, of medium strength (although I know that many consider it to be strong), both in terms of the flavours and the tobacco 'punch.' The main attraction of this cigar is the way in which the flavour 'evolves.' On lighting, there is a rush of intense nutty flavour, with a touch of peppery spice. After a while, this subsides to woody then earthy notes. Towards the end, it becomes even sweeter, moving into subtle cut grass tones. Throughout, the flavours blend seamlessly, producing a complex but accessible taste; that is to say, it is a cigar that can be enjoyed by newcomers to smoking, but is also one which has enough depth to bring a connoisseur back time and again. Near the start of this review, I referred to "the typical D4," and I meant it - the very fact that these cigars are so consistent (in every respect, not just its physical characteristics) is another of the brand's strengths - at around £250 a box, you like to know what you're getting. All-in-all, this is a reliably well-balanced and tasty smoke, of an ideal size and strength to round off a good meal. This one is my kind of review. I like it the best. It gets straight to the point. There are several keys descriptions that give me the info I want........construction, draw, burn, taste. It allows me to make up my mind quickly as to whether or not I want to purchase one. Tastes are described in terms I understand, which I like in a review. I give this one a 9.5. Reviewer: Billy Hood Score: 9.5/10 Great review. Honest straight forward review of all relevant aspects. Made me want to pick up a box or two. I give it a 9 out of 10. Reviewer: Dave Hickey Score: 9/10 I liked this one. Very straight forward and descriptive. The one part he missed in the actual review was the burn of the cigar he smoked. but it doesn't sound like he had any problems or I would think her would have mentioned it. Reviewer: Mike Boucher Score 9/10 OVERALL SCORE: 27.5/30
by Staff on Tuesday 07 June, 2016
Reviewed by Shawn Leventhal (November 2000) I can't tell you all how psyched I was when I opened my mail box and found three beautiful Partagas Serie D No. 4. I definitely don't feel qualified or experienced enough to be doing this, but I welcome the challenge with very open arms and great thanks to Cgars Ltd for giving me the chance. Ok, on with the reviews: First: After a nice steak dinner, I went to a great cigar lounge with some friends and broke out my first tester. The robusto had a very smooth feel, but not too oily. A nice rich chocolate color, and the construction was very good with some veins being apparent throughout the body. Unfortunately, during shipping most likely, the cap was slightly cracked, which only worsened when I applied my bullet punch cut. This tends to be the cut I like the most, especially with a robusto. I had been enjoying the aroma of the cigar since I received it. It had a great "cuban cigar" scent, that just screamed to be smoked. I took a few pre light draws and noticed a very spicy flavor. To pair with this smoke, I ordered a Glenmorangie 18 on the rocks. Upon lighting, I noticed a slight toughness to the draw, which was a bit disappointing. Not too tough a draw that I felt it was plugged, but enough to notice with each draw. This cigar immediately imparted a very medium to full bodied flavour (spelling for our British friends :) ), with a spiciness that continued throughout the smoke. It went well with the scotch, which was a great treat unto itself, but that's another review. The ash was a dark grey and burned well and mostly even throughout. Towards the middle, I noticed hints of leather with increasing nuttiness towards the end. Overall a good cigar, but not among the best I have smoked. Second: While I was enjoying my robusto, my friends were smoking churchill sized cigars, so there was ample time for me to light the second. I had a glass of cool water in between, and once my palate seemed cleansed, I took out the second. This one also had a beautiful aroma and great, smooth feel. Very similar if not exactly like the first one, in colour, and apparent veins. This one also had a split cap. The pre-draw again imparted flavours of spice. With this, I decided to go with a cognac, and ordered a snifter of Delamain, Vesper. A great cognac, and went much better with the Partagas then the scotch did. Much to my delight, this one had an easier draw. The same dark grey ash and even burn as the first, but noticed a bit more earthiness as it smoked down. The spiciness was the same. I don't think I mentioned it above, but both cigars had a long finish, and got much stronger as I smoked it. The spiciness definitely stayed on my palate each time. Third: After dinner with my girlfriend, we went back to the same cigar club I had smoked the other two at (might as well be consistent with setting I figured :) ). This last cigar was much smoother to the touch than the other two, and had a slightly darker chocolate color. There were no veins on this one unlike the other two. The construction was near perfect, and the cap was exceptional. not a single crack or chip. This time I let the waiter cut it with a scissors. Great pre-draw flavors, which imparted the same spiciness as the others, but also had a much sweeter taste, of which I think currant comes closest to describing. Subtle, but very noticable (does that make sense?). I decided to go with an Armangac this time, and ordered a snifter of Busnel. I used a cedar splint to light this one, and the draw was exceptional. By far the best draw of all three. Perhaps it was the cut, perhaps the cigar ( I think the later). This one also proved to have the best combination of flavors. A bit more complex then the other two, it added a nice creamy finish, with hints of cocoa and possibly coffee. The ash of this one was a lighter shade of grey and burned perfectly even. As it smoked, the cigar imparted earthy and wood flavors with undertones of nuttiness. Spicy throughout, but the earthiness and wood became more overpowering towards the end, and about 1.5 inches above the band, became a bit harsh. I put it down shortly after. The Armangac has a great spicy/sweetness that went absolutely wonderful with this cigar. This was hands down the best of the three. There you have it. I hope I did not make a fool of myself :)
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 94 reviews)
Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 

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