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How To Smoke a Pipe

Filling the Pipe
Lighting the Pipe
Pipe Maintenance and Care
Breaking in the Pipe

Reaming the Bowl

Most manufacturers will advise not to exceed a build-up of more than 2mm of cake. The reason for this is because the expansion of the cake will be at a different rate to the briar during the heating and cooling process, which can actually cause harm to your bowl by cracking it. The aim of reaming is to make an even layer of carbon around the inside of the bowl and base. It's important that the layer is applied evenly because if one section is slightly thinner or has grooves, the heat will work against that area and will potentially build up and causing the bowl to crack. This will occur more commonly in lower grade pipes.

Dr Plumb's Hedgehog Pipe Reamer To ream your bowl you'll need to use a tool, this could be either a knife, reamer or a specialist tool designed for this purposes. There are pro's and con's to all tools, for example a knife will do the job but the likelihood of getting an even surface is unlikely, although not impossible but is better than nothing. Hedgehog style reamers are great for large sized bowls to tackle stubborn build up areas, but may not be suitable to produce an even ream. Don't allow excessive carbon to form inside of the bowl and this could potentially cause the wood to split due to outward expansion from the cake cooling down after use of smoking. The ideal carbon thickness is 1.5mm.

Once you have finished smoking from your pipe, ensure that the bowl has been completely emptied immediately after use for easy cleaning and to maintain optimum condition for your pipe. It's important not to knock any loose bits against a hard surface or using a tool to tap out the excess remains as this could potentially damage your bowl causing it to crack the bowl or split the pipe into pieces. Always remember to properly maintain and take care of your pipe to ensure maximum longevity and pleasure as well as resulting in a sweeter smoke in the long run. Make sure to thoroughly dry out the pipes between smokes and to clean them regularly ensuring that no excess cake layer develops. It's worth suggesting to purchase a handful of pipes which you can alternate between each smoking sessions, this will allow time for your other pipes to completely dry and have plenty of time to be cleaned. By keeping this strict routine and doing it correctly will ensure that your pipes will be at their most optimum condition and will have a longer life whilst enhancing the smoking pleasure over the years to come. The hard work will pay off and the end results will be worth it.

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