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How To Smoke a Pipe

Filling the Pipe
Pipe Maintenance and Care
Breaking in the Pipe
Reaming the Bowl

Lighting the Pipe

Pipe Lighter It is important to light the pipe using a specific pipe lighter and to avoid using an petrol based lighters as this will affect the aroma and smoking experience in a negative way. Pipe lighters don't contain any strong overwhelming scent that will interfere with the aroma of the tobacco and prevent tainting your pipe fill, also the unwanted scents from using any incorrect lighters may in the long term end up damaging your pipe.

The aim is to light the entire bowl of tobacco during the first light attempt. The first initial lighting process if known as 'Charring', this involves using a wide flame to spread across the tobacco evenly in a circular motion whilst taking long even draws from the mouthpiece. Ensure that you take smooth long even draws to help keep the flame a light, you'll need to smoothly tamp down the tobacco ever so slightly, repeat the process of taking smooth long draws and tamper down with pleasure until you are satisfied.

You'll probably notice that the light of the pipe may go out from time to time, do not worry as this is natural and quite common. This is generally a good sign meaning that the smoke is 'cool', when taking another draw simply re-light the pipe again. Bear in mind that between each puff, allow plenty of time enough so that the pipe is still warm otherwise if the pipe is completely cool then the tobacco will react with the ash and moisture causing it to affect the flavour of the tobacco.

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