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How To Smoke a Pipe

Filling the Pipe
Lighting the Pipe
Breaking in the Pipe
Reaming the Bowl

Pipe Maintenance and Care

Once you have finished using your pipe, empty any remains of the fill safely ensuring that you do not leave any ash or moisture that may have reacted in the base of the bowl over time of use. Make sure you naturally dispose of any unwanted deposits from the pipe as often as possible without the use of any market solvent based products, as this may have a negative impact on your seasoning pipe.

Pipe Maintenance and Care Although there are pipe cleaning products that you can use to wipe down and between tight spots/areas after each smoke, a method of where the pipe cleaner is run through the mouthpiece and down the length of the air channel and towards the base of the bowl. You must then allow the pipe to be left to dry and for the Briar to absorb the moisture produced during the smoke.

It's best recommended to allow the pipe to rest for at least a day or two in between each smoking session to allow the pipe to dry and for the Briar to absorb in any moisture that is has accumulated and to evaporate. This may not be practical if you only have one pipe around, but try take the time to allow your pipe to rest whenever possible. It may be wise to purchase a few different pipes and to rotate between each rest cycle for each different pipes. Most smokers usually have a collection of pipes.

A way to judge when your pipe needs resting is based on the taste you get from it, for example if the pipe starts tasting bitter it'll usually either mean it needs sanitising or need of a rest. To sanitise your pipe, there are specific solutions and sprays that are available to purchase and be safely applied to your pipe for a good cleanse. Alternatively there are pipe smokers who like soaking their pipes in Rum or Brandy. This provides a more complete and thorough cleaning as it is an alcohol based method. It all comes down to a matter of personal preference. Every now and again, ensure that you carefully disassemble the pipe (once cooled) and clean thoroughly and leaving the dissembled pipe apart for it to air dry naturally.

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