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SOTL- Cigarlass

Cally Humphrey


It's a well-known fact that the cigar world is mainly dominated by men... but for how much longer? Myself and many other women are diving into this crazily delicious past time.

I started working for C.Gars in April 2016. Having no knowledge of cigars, this was a totally new venture for me. I was made responsible for picking and packing orders which lead to me spending a lot of time in our stunning walk-in humidor. I will always remember the very first time I stepped foot in the humidor; the smell was overwhelmingly delightful. It reminded me of visiting Cuba a few years ago where I was lucky enough to sample a freshly rolled Cuban cigar with my Dad whie sitting in the streets of Havana. A memory I will never forget.

Not long after I had started working for the best cigar merchant in the UK we held a tasting event at the shop where we sampled the Oliva Orchant Seleccion Chubby. I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth, creamy and tasty it was, this really peaked my interest. With hundreds of different brands of cigar in the humidor, how many others will I like and what new flavours will I discover? In June I was sent off to London to attend a cigar course held by Hunters & Frankau. We spent the day learning everything there is to know about Cuban cigars; from the seed to the smoke. Obviously cigar training comes with its perks... we were able to sample different cigars from their humidor all day to help us concentrate of course 😉. I opted for a H.Upmann half corona and thoroughly enjoyed it! I now have a proudly mounted certificate to show that I am trained on the manufacture, storage and service of Havana cigars.

As my knowledge grew my position in the company changed. I am quite a creative person so I naturally found my flare in marketing which led me to helping James with his taste test videos. For now I am behind the camera but at some point I might feature in them... if James lets me 😉. Every time he filmed a taste test clip I would be curious about the different cigars he was sampling. So instead of guessing I started sampling them with him. Each week we would try something new, it was so exciting. I learnt so much more than just my favourite taste profiles; I got the knack of cutting and lighting which of course, helped me when it came to serving customers in the shop.

This eventually led to me creating an Instagram page. As I was already using the C.Gars Instagram I found there was a huge cigar loving community I wanted to be part of. I now upload pictures every time I get my hands on a cigar to give my own personal opinion. As my followers have grown I have many new friends sharing the same passionate interest. Although, as I am now aware, women smoking seems to be a very popular fetish... I do get the odd strange message, which I may sarcastically respond to, however my page is to educate and learn within the cigar world not to pick up men 😛.

For the men that may want to get their ladies into cigars, gently introduce her to it. Like myself, she may have never tried a cigar, so picking the right cigar for her to start with is essential. Something light like a H.Upmann, Hoyo de Monterrey, or an El rey del Mundo is perfect. It is a beautiful thing to enjoy something you love with someone you love. Bring her to one of our Turmeaus Events! We have increasing amounts of women attending our events but it is still male dominated. So come on fellow sisters of the leaf join us and show men that cigars aren't just for them!

No rest for the wicked! I am now studying hard to complete my Masters of Cigars course early next year! Watch this space 😎.

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