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La Invicta Cigars

There are two types of La Invicta cigars, those from Nicaragua and those from Honduras. CGars Ltd offer a full and extensive range of La Invicta cigars. Hand made cigars, Nicaraguan filler and wrapper. Easy draw, brings out the rich, nutty-cedar flavours. Medium rich flavour, handmade, with Nicaraguan filler and wrapper and also offer the range of La Invicta Honduran cigars. these ones are made using the finest tobaccos grown in Honduras. Medium strength with a spicy yet hinted with a sweet taste.

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La Invicta Honduran Maduro Cigar

What a lovely flavoursome cigar. Sweet and peppery, with a perfect draw. I simply didn't want it to finish. More ordered immediately. Excellent value in my humble opinion.

La Invicta Nicaraguan Canon Cigar

I've smoked dozens of these over the years, and they've never let me down. Quite a spicy cigar, reminds me of some Ramon Allones I've had in the past, although of course without the depth or complexity. The draw is on the light side, which is perfect for me. They've always been well constructed, which I can't say for the same range from Honduras. The size is also big enough for what I call the end of the day cigar -- it'll last a good two hours. And at that price, I think they're great value for money.

La Invicta Honduran Panetela Cigar

Bought one of these as a progression from the smaller Hamlets I have smoked for a while. As a novice and wanting to start a small collection i thought i would give the La Invicta brand a try. They are mild to medium and have a burn of around 15 mins, so perfect with a glass of your fave drink. For less than £3 they wont break the bank, and are well worth the money, hoping to try a larger ring Gage from this brand as i have enjoyed it so much.