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SOCAL Herf V - 2004

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The SoCal herf has become the herf of the year on my calendar and it's always a pleasure to meet up with old friends and new.
Kindly hosted by Kelly (Poker) and the SoCal crew at Pokers house with a different charity as beneficiary annually. This year I understand that a cancer charity may be $8000 better off due to the generosity of attendees of the herf.

The Chicago Mob

"Barry the Vic"

I did a bit of pre herfing in Chicago with Richard, Renny and friends at the cigar friendly Nicks fishmarket as well as the smoking room at my dear friend Joe P's house which got me in the mood for the serious stuff ( not that serious!) in Los Angeles:-)
Collected as always by Barry in the ' vette....the pre herf was a good warm up for the main event!
What can I say?...impossible to fault the event...great food, superb Scotch (thanks Kerry) the best of company and plenty of splendid cigars ( donated by C.Gars Ltd with much pleasure) including:
-Davidoff 3000
-Romeo Churchills
-Bolivar corona extra
-Romeo cedros 3
-Cohiba corona especiales
-Hoyo Epicure 2's
The last 3 cigars mentioned were 2004 production and all who smoked them agreed that this years blends and construction were quite outstanding.

Some cigars were also supplied by Wal in Oz....thanks Wal!

Kerry is hungry
(at least it's not
BBQ dog!)

Al is confused that
ain't no Hooters girl... that's
Flip Flop :-)

Entertainment was provided by the Hooters girl....oops sorry I mean Flip Flop! .....Food by Carlos...gracias mi hermano......travel upgrades by Jefe!.....glamour by Filly, Cigar Qeen and Sherri ! ........Transfers by Barry the Vic:-)......constant laughter by Jesse and Carlton!....security by Al and Zipcode ( we felt very safe indeed!!!....wouldn't you!!).....auctioneering by Poker ( who ultimately lost his voice!).....mooching by Ratt Mousey!.....eyecare by LeeZ :-).....and finally BBQ dog red neck stories by Kerry ! (scary!...keep your pets locked up and be nice to Kerry folks!)
Sincere thanks to Poker for his hospitality, it's a pleasure to support and attend the herf. Sincere thanks to the C.Gars Ltd and Turmeaus team for letting me go ! ( actually I think they are probably happy to get rid of me!!)

Poker is not
happy :-(

Kaeta & Smokeymo

Next herf on the calendar is LOL ( Land of Lincoln)...wish I could attend)-:...but we will be sponsors as usual.
Looking forward to seeing the SoCal crew at RTDA in Vegas in a couple of weeks time:-)





Where has my cigar

Toscani Al


Flip Flop & Friends

Chilling out at
Barrys post herf


Kaetas B*tch
( oops that's jake!)


Dave & Lee

I needed a ladder to
get into this Hummer!


Mickey & Swatter


Carlton and Swatter

Jody, Al and
Poker chill


Fillies cream puffs!

SmokeyMo and Al
The Toscani king!

Smokeymo, Al &

Barry and Mitch....
old herfing buddies

Filly and Mitch...
older smoking


Cigar Queen
smoking in
between laughing


Zippy brought some
guns to play with!

My gun is bigger than
yours!...make my day!

Would you argue
with this man?!

Jefe :-)

No shortage of booze
at this herf :-)

Tres leches

Thanks Carlos...food
was excellent:-)

Poker reviewing
Jodys T shirt!

Jesse conducts the
Poker auction!

Ratt Moussey

Jesse, Rene, Al,



Hotboy and GGinSF