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Smoking and Storing Cigars

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How to Store your Cigars While Travelling

Whether it's a budget Dutch cigar or a premium Cuban, there is no greater pleasure than relaxing with a delicious smoke. So how do you make sure your cigars stay safe while travelling on holiday or for work?

Cigars are very susceptible to damage due to a change in their climate, if you store them incorrectly whilst on the go they are very likely to become dry and crack. Read more here.

New to Cubans?

Following our recent marketing survey, we realise that we have a vast cross section of customers ranging from the beginner who is just starting out in the Havana Cigar World to the Connoisseur who is looking for something with a little more complexity! With over 100 cigars in our range, we have attempted to put together a comprehensive list of cigars categorised to suit each smoking occasion... Read more here.

Cigar Etiquette

In 1967 Zino Davidoff outlined a protocol for smokers in his noted essay for connoisseurs. It is a charter and code for cigar smokers everywhere, and it remains as valid today as when he first wrote it. Among his directives were the following dos and don'ts... Read more here.

100% Guaranteed Counterfeit Cohibas

For years we have heard rumours about a special box of Cohiba Esplendidos with a see through lid and a humidity device inside it. Admittedly most of these reports came from the other side of the Atlantic, but nevertheless we were intrigued.Inquiries to Habanos SA met with a firm denial that any such box had ever been produced for their flagship brand. So we were delighted when one turned up in London... Read more here.

Setting up your Humidor

Havana cigars mature like fine wines, in fact they will continue to improve for up to their first 15 years but they do need a little basic care. The humidifier in your humidor should be topped up either with humidification solution or distilled water (available from most petrol stations)... Read more here.

Calibrate your Hygrometer

A hygrometer is an instrument used to measure relative humidity. Relative humidity is a measure of how much water the air is holding, relative to the maximum amount of water the air could possibly hold at a given temperature. Because of the delicate design of hygrometers, it is easy for them to become inaccurate (e.g. with shipping or just over time)... Read more here.

To Age or Not to Age - That Is a Question!

The pleasure one may derive from savouring a premium cigar depends not only on brand, vitola, and proper storage, but also on the ageing process - long range storage under proper conditions - which enables the cigar to mature to its full glory and provide optimal satisfaction. Reuven discusses various aspects of the ageing phenomenon according to his and others' experience and viewpoints... Read more here.

Cigars infected by the tobacco beetle

The Evil of Weevil

There is no more depressing sight than, when opening a box of your favourite havanas, you find the cigars inside riddled with holes. It means that you have suffered an attack by lasioderma serricorne, to give it the scientific name, otherwise called the tobacco weevil, the tobacco beetle or el perforador del tabaco, as it is known in cuba... Read more here.

How to Cut and Light a Cigar?

How to cut and light a cigar This is an art that will maximise enjoyment of our chosen smoke. Every Havana is made from three components; filler, binder and a wrapper leaf that is sealed at the cigar's 'head' with a cap made from a piece of wrapper leaf. To cut a Havana, you need to... Read more here.

Reviving Your Cigars

There has been much discussion and argument over whether cigars can be restored to their normal state once they have dried out. If a cigar has become dry and the wrapper has not cracked and unraveled, then it can be restored. But this must be done slowly and patiently. If the wrapper has actually broken then the cigar should be discarded. If it has completely dried out, it will fall apart between your fingers regardless of how gentle and careful you are... Read more here.

Smoking Your Cigar

A cigar can provide a great deal of enjoyment, and it should not be rushed. Allow yourself time to appreciate the whole experience, from choosing and cutting to lighting and smoking... Read more here.