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Dear Friends,

I've been very busy smoking my way through the most superb vintage 1998 Saint Luis Rey Lonsdales in cabinet selection over the last week, but what made them even more enjoyable is being able to share them with so many cigar aficionados during my recent travels.......... 

Thursday evening I enjoyed dinner at a wonderful restaurant in New York City. Tse Yang is possibly the best Chinese restaurant I've ever had the pleasure of dining at. 

Chinese and cigars seem to work perfectly! 

My dear friend (thank you D!) kindly gifted me a beautiful 1996 Salamones and Partagas 150th Dalias which were an excellent accompaniment to the meal. 

To compliment the cigars, we drank some wonderful Sassicaia (Vintage 1985) 

The weekend was the annual JSCC herf (Jersey Shore Cigar Crawl) and much time was spent with my now regular smoking buddies the Goldstones, Law Hess, Star*Key, Steve Saka and many others. 

The evening was spent at JR's in New Jersey, which I can only describe as the most awesome 
cigar store I have ever seen in my life!! It truly must be the size of half of London! :-) 

An excellent buffet dinner was followed by a most "interesting" Port tasting. Saka kindly gave me the guided tour and also sent me some additional cigar store Indians from JR's for my collection (I'll need a bigger office soon) :-) 

We retired for an after herf, herf to the Marriott Courtyard in New Jersey to do something of a 'single malt whisky' tasting, but at that stage, I suspect anything would have tasted good after the amount of fine cigars we'd smoked! :-) 

We were even joined by a few of the 'herftones' (affectionately known as the seven dwarfs!) and the night was rounded off with a very interesting discussion about the best cigars in the world and whether Cuba still produced them or how fast Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Honduras were catching up. 

Saturday evening the JSCC Dinner was held at the Hunt Club restaurant in the Grand Summit Hotel in New Jersey and guess who won the door prize!? Yes old Smokeymo won the door prize of one very beautiful humidor! :-) Very slight problem here in so far as my warehouse has around 2,000 humidors that we sell, so this ones for charity, the WTC fund to be specific and if you click on this link, you can buy a raffle ticket for just £1.00 (approx. $1.45) and have a chance of winning this superb humidor. 

No minimum amount of tickets and no maximum and you can see the draw for the winning ticket live on webcam on the 11th June at 5pm UK time. 

My next stop was Washington DC (including briefly Maryland and Virginia). 

Dinner on my first evening with Cigar NV and Cigar Baron followed by dinner the next evening kindly organised by Cigar NV at Shula's (Mitchells DC dinner) where we were lucky enough to have the famous Humidor craftsman Arlin Liss provide entertainment for the evening! Around 30 guests enjoyed fine food, wine and smokes and the best of company. 

During the day it was a pleasure to meet up with friends from Cigar Family and ASC at Shellys backroom, the main DC hangout for our little internet community. Shellys is a real cool place and its a shame we don't have one in London. Highly recommended if you visit DC. 

I couldn't visit Washington without spending some time with my good friend John Anderson (Curtisville) of W Curtis Draper Tobacco, the oldest tobacconist in Washington DC. Drapers shop has recently been refurbished and is a very classy cigar store, with a magnificent range of cigars, humidors and accessories. 

The last cigar dinner ("the Friends of MO") in DC was held at Equinox. The menu created by top chef Todd Grey was too delicious to describe, so I've put the menu on my website for you to feast your eyes on! 

My thanks to Ray, the host for the evening who organised the most perfect cigar dinner with the best of company. 

If you'd like to enjoy the same Saint Luis Rey Lonsdales that I smoked during my trip (1998 vintage) in cabinet selection these can be purchased in singles, half cabinets and full cabinets via my online store. 

My travels next take me to Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas in a few weeks time and I'm looking forward to meeting up with old friends and new and sharing some more good times and fine cigars. 

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JSCC Herf & J R Cigars, New Jersey

Smokeymo & Steve Saka J R Cigars! We've kidnapped this Indian and he's now in our office! Dinner at the Hunt Club Chilling Out!
Sandy K & Dave Steve Saka Peter, Smokeymo & Doug Saka & Sandy K Suze
Marc let go off the herf'dor! The bar at J R's Jack & MO Star*Key  Smokeymo & Marc

Dinner at Shula's in Washington DC

Cagazi Rmm and Bob Homebrew in a puff of smoke! John herfing in the no name lounge Bob, Duke, Farmerator Smokering & Cagazi
CigarNV, our host The Cabaret Jim the Newbie Arlin Liss, Duke & Padron Slave Liss!
Arlin Liss & Short Storey Saint Luis Rey in an Arlin Lissador! John Anderson & Gary Pesch CigarNV & Dorothy Homebrew, Farmerator and JtN
That food is good! Serious herfing! Happy Herfers! and more.... That room is getting Smokey!
Duke got a plugged cigar! Curtisville A good story from the Storeys! Dessert Smokering
Arlin Liss the Photographer! Gary Pesch of Old Virginia Tobacco Whats going on?
Smokering & Smokeymo Arlin Liss as usual the center of attention John, Smokeymo & Dave I've got the hat! Dinner at Shulas
Oh No..... JtN, 
Jim the Newbie!
Reid... our wonderful host for the evening Smokeymo with John Anderson of W Curtis Draper..... one of the classiest cigars stores in the US and the oldest in Washington. Bob, Smokeymo and Bob at Shelllys back room Farmerator and "the hat"!
Mitchell and Ray in Georgetown  Equinox Equinox Ray our gracious host Todd Grey