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Cigar Sizes

Size: Gran Corona 9 1/4" x 47 (235mm x 18.65mm)
Montecristo A, Romeo y Julieta Fabulosos


Size: Prominente 7 5/8" x 49 (194mm x 19.45mm)
HM Double Corona, Punch Double Corona, Partagas Lusitania


Size: Julieta 7" x 47 (178mm x 18.65mm)
Cohiba Esplendido, RJ Churchill (T), RJ Prince of Wales, Bolivar Churchills (T), Bolivar Corona Gigantes, Punch Churchills (T), H. Upmann Monarchs (T), H Upmann Sir Winston (PB), Flor de Cano Diademas, Partagas Churchills (T)


Size: Piramide 6 1/8" x 52 (156mm x 20.64mm)
Montecristo No. 2, H. Upmann No. 2

Corona Gorda

Size: Corona Gorda 5 5/8" x 46 (143mm x 18.26mm)
Cohiba Siglo IV, RJ Exhibition No. 3, HM Epicure No. 1, Punch Punch, Punch Royal Selection No. 11, H. Upmann Magnum 46, Rafael Gonzales Coronas Extra

Size: Campana 5 1/2" x 52 (140mm x 20.64mm)
RJ Belicosos, Bolivar Belicosos Finos

Size: Hermoso No. 4 5" x 48 (127mm x 19.05mm)
RJ Exhibition No. 4, H. Upmann connoisseur No. 1, El rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

Size: Robusto 4 7/8" x 50 (124mm x 19.84mm)
Cohiba Robusto, HM Epicure No. 2, Bolivar Royal Corona, Partagas Serie D No. 4, Flor de Cano Short Churchill

Size: Dalia 6 3/4" x 43 (170mm x 17.07mm)
Cohiba Siglo V, Partagas 8-9-8 (varnished)

Size: Cervante 6 1/2" x 42 (165mm x 16.67mm)
Montecristo No. 1, RJ Cedros de Luxe No. 1, Bolivar Gold Medal, Quintero Churchills, H. Upmann Lonsdales, Partagas Lonsdales, El Rey del Mundo Lonsdales, Rafael Gonzales Lonsdales

Size: Corona Grande 6 1/8" x 42 (155mm x 16.67mm)
Cohiba Siglo III, Montecristo Tubos, RJ Corona Grandes, HM Le Hoyo des  Dieux, Partagas 898 (unvarnished)

Size: Corona 5 1/2" x 42 (142mm x 16.67mm)
Montecristo No. 3, RJ Cedros de Luxe No. 2, RJ Romeo No. 1 de Luxe (T), HM Le Hoyo du Roi, Bolivar Tubos No. 1 (T), Punch Royal Coronations (T), RJ Coronas, HM Coronas, Bolivar Coronas, Punch Coronas, H. Upmann Corona, Partagas Corona, El Rey Del Mundo Coronas 

Size: Nacionales 5 1/2" x 40 (140mm x 15.87mm)
Quintero Nacionales

Size: Mareva 5" x 42 (129mm x 16.67mm)
Cohiba Siglo II, Montecristo No. 4, Montecristo Petit Tubos, RJ Romeo No. 2 de Luxe (T), RJ Cedros de Luxe No. 3, HM Short Hoyo Corona, Bolivar Tubos No. 2(T), Punch Coronation (T), Punch Royal Selection No. 12, RJ Petit Coronas, Bolivar Petit Coronas, Punch Petit Coronas, H. Upmann Petit Coronas, Partagas Petit Coronas, El rey del Mundo Petit Corona and Rafael Gonzales Petit Corona

Size: Petit Cetro 5" x 40 (129mm x 15.87mm)
RJ Coronitas, Partagas Aristocrats, Partagas Londres Finos, Partagas Londres Extra, RJ Exquisitos, Punch Exquisitos, Hoyo Exquisitos

Size: Standard 4 3/4" x 40 (123mm x 15.87mm)
Quintero Londres, Quintero Londres Extra, Flor de Cano Petit Corona, Flor de Cano Predilectos Tubulares (T)

Size: Minuto 4 3/8" x 42 (110mm x 16.67mm)
Bolivar Corona Junior, Punch Tres Petit Corona, Partagas Shorts

Size: Perla 4" x 40 (102mm x 15.87mm)
Cohiba Siglo I, Montecristo No. 5, RJ Petit Princes, Punch Petit Punch

Size: Laguito No. 1 7 1/2" x 38 (192mm x 15.08mm)
Cohiba Lancero, Montecristo Especial

Size: Ninfas 7" x 33 (178mm x 13.10mm)
Punch Panetelas Grandes

Size: Laguito No. 2 6" x 38 (152mm x 15.08mm)
Cohiba Corona Especiales, Monte Especial No. 2, HM Le Hoyo du Dauphin

Size: Veguerito 5" x 37 (127mm x 14.29mm)
Quintero Panetelas, Quintero Tubulares (T), Rafael Gonzales Panetelas Extra, Flor de Cano Preferidos

Size: Belvederes 5" x 39 (125mm x 15.48mm)
RJ Regalias de La Habana, Partagas Habaneros, RJ Belvederes, Bolivar Belvederes, Punch Belvederes, H. Upmann Belvederes and Partagas Belvederes

Size: Seoane 5" x 36 (125mm x 14.29mm)
Cohiba Exquisitos

Size: Carolina 4 3/4" x 26 (121mm x 10.32mm)
Hoyo Margaritas, Punch Margaritas

Size: Franciscano 4 1/2" x 40 (116mm x 15.87mm)
RJ Romeo No. 3 de Luxe (T), Punch Petit Coronation (T), H. Upmann Coronas Minor (T), Rafael Gonzales Tres Petit Lonsdales, RJ Tres Petit Corona, Partagas Tres Petit Coronas, El Rey del Mundo Tres Petit Coronas

Size: Laguito No. 3 4 1/2" x 26 (115mm x 10.32mm)
Cohiba Panetelas, Montecristo Joyitas

Size: Cadete 4 1/2" x 36 (115mm x 14.29mm)
H. Upmann Petit Upmann

Size: Chicos 4 1/8" x 29 (106mm x 11.51mm)
Punch Cigarillos, Quintero Puritos, Bolivar Chicos and Partagas Chicos

Size: Entreacto 3 7/8" x 30 (100mm x 11.91mm)
RJ Petit Julietas, Hoyo le Hoyo du Maire, Bolivar Demi Tasse, El rey del Mundo Demi Tasse and Rafael Gonzales Demi Tasse