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As many of you will know, I've recently returned from a weeks hard earned vacation in 'Sunny Havana'. Whilst there I visited the famous Partagas Factory and smoked some of the finest Havanas that Cuba has to offer. I also visited the Pinar del Rio and was truly impressed at the beauty of the area generally.

I stayed at the famous Los Jazmines hotel which has the most breathtaking views I have ever seen in my life, smoking a Hoyo Double Corona at the Los Jazmines was the closest thing to heaven, I have ever experienced! Having visited plantations and smoked the cigars produced by the Vegueros.... I simply can't wait to return.

Cuba remains in its own form of time warp and whilst Varedero could be a tourist resort in many other parts of the world, Havana is truly unique. Everything you have heard in the past is true. Chevy's from the 1950's are still in abundance albeit probably with Lada engines and whilst some of them are in horrific condition, others are very impressive for their age. Many of the buildings are tremendously run down but there is an attempt at renovating many others to restore them to their former splendour. The Capitolio building is incredibly impressive.

The cigar shops carried better ranges than seen on my previous visits with better quality wrappers similar to the quality we have recently seen in the UK.

Whilst service is somewhat indifferent in most places in Havana, the exceptions are the Melia Cohiba cigar bar and the Cigar Shop in the Parque Central Hotel in Old Havana.

If any of our customers would like any advice on holidays in Cuba, or indeed recommendations of places to visit, I would be delighted to advise and for our English customers I would be very happy to recommend specialist travel agents.

I thought a few of you might be interested to see some photographs recently taken during my trip to Cuba!!! 

Photos of Cuba