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PARIS HERF! (2005)

A decadent weekend on our annual Paris herf for the "nomorescots" herf crew....starring Craig (Herfmeister), SmokeyMo, Vim (the most handsome cigar merchant of the year!), Zafferelli (official Pakistani Mafia representative), Gordon (the Commander), Chris (Nick the Greek) and Harvey (PieMan).

It's a tough life and all that but... here was the itinerary...

Cafe Drouant for dinner...splendid...smoked that place out that's for sure:-)

Harry's Bar ...Pol Roget....copious quantity :-)

La Terrasse chez Josephson ...best place known to man for a herf (Had to drag me and Vim out as usual!)

Havana Mojito .....nice place but Vim and I had to do Pizza Pino surprise surprise (soz Gordon!)

Crazy Horse ....no cigars allowed but plenty of sexeeee girlzzzzz :-)

Coma....ummm...well that would be the Herfmeister!

....all accompanied with ridiculous amounts of Havana cigars, yes Paris is cigar friendly!...and we love herfing there!

And to think we have to do it all again next year!


Nomorescots herf crew CEO

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