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Orchant Seleccion Cuban Cigars
Orchant Seleccion Cigar Band
Bolivar Belicosos Finos Orchant Seleccion CigarBack in 2007 I was approached by John Darnton who was at the time the Sales Director of Hunters & Frankau. He offered me the opportunity to periodically select cigars that I felt were truly the best representations of Havana cigars in terms of factory code and vintage, wrapper quality, blend integrity and condition. These cigars would then be specially banded "Orchant Seleccion".

I decided that we would select 64 boxes of the UK Regional Edition Ramon Allones Belicosos with the 2007 code as this was one of my favourite cigars and the blend was outstanding. Needless to say they all sold out within a few days of being offered to C.Gars Ltd clients.

I limited each Orchant Seleccion release to around 64 boxes as I knew it would not always be easy to select more than 2 mastercases of cigars that I would be satisfied with. It also made them desirable and exclusive.

We have rolled on since then with further annual releases and it's a privilege to work with Hunters & Frankau on this exclusive project.

The Cigars

Brand Cigar Vintage Release Date Limited to
Ramon Allones Belicosos 2007 Jun-08 64 boxes
Ramon Allones 898 2002 Aug-08 16 Cabinets
Sancho Panza Gigantes 1998 Feb-09 60 boxes
Bolivar Belicosos Finos 2007 Feb-09 64 Boxes
Quai d'Orsay Coronas 2010 Oct-10 64 boxes
Bolivar Royal Corona 2009 Jan-11 64 boxes
El Rey del Mundo Tainos 2001 Jan-11 64 boxes
Juan Lopez Selection No. 2 2008 Nov-11 64 cabinets
Punch Royal Selection No. 11 2007 Feb-12 32 Cabinets
Sancho Panza Belicosos 2008 Mar-12 64 boxes
Juan Lopez Selection No. 1 2008 Mar-13 64 cabinets
Bolivar Belicosos Finos 2010 Sep-14 64 cabinets
Ramon Allones Specially Selected Aug-14 Oct-15 64 boxes
Bolivar Royal Corona Jul-14 Apr-16 64 boxes
Bolivar Royal Corona Mar-15 Oct-16 20 boxes
Ramon Allones Specially Selected Sep-15 Oct-16 20 boxes
Sancho Panza NEW Sanchos 1999 Jan-17 10 boxes
Ramon Allones Specially Selected Sep-17 Apr-17 20 boxes

So if you are looking for something that little bit special, first class construction and condition, try our Orchant Seleccion cigars, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.