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How to enjoy a cigar by Eugenio from La Aurora

Eugenio from La Aurora Cigar Factory

- Choose where to smoke your cigar.
      - This is important, so you know which size and strength to go for.

- Decide how much time you have.
      - You must have time to respect your cigar and finish it.

- Make sure your hands are clean and free from perfume.
      - You don't want to taint the cigars flavours.

- Don't lick the cigar.

- Choose the correct tool to cut your cigar, this may differ for whichever cigar you have chosen to enjoy.

- Inspect your cigar for any damage or imperfections which may affect your experience.

- Cut your cigar.

- Gently tap the cut end on your hand to remove any excess loose tobacco.
      - Don't scrape it with your thumb as it may cause damage.

- Toast the end of the cigar with your lighter/match/spill to ensure an even burn once lit.

- Rotate the cigar in the flame, not the flame around the tip.

- Gently blow it to see the embers and make sure its burning evenly.

- Never inhale!

- Hold the cigar with your teeth not the lips.
      - You don't want the cigar flopping around in your mouth.

- Hold it in your hand elegantly between your thumb and two first fingers.

- Finish it 1 inch from the end, don't nub it. Take care of your lips and tongue, don't damage your taste buds from the heat.

- Bring the cigar out of your mouth while exhaling some of the smoke.

- If you are tasting too much spice or bitterness, bring the cigar to the side of your mouth to taste more of the sweet and sour flavours. Direct the smoke to the side. The spice and bitterness is tasted from the centre and tip of your tongue. (This really does work!)

- Leave the ash on the cigar it filters the air and increases the flavour.
      - Make sure you judge it right, you don't want ash on your lap!

- Most importantly, sit back and relax, it should be a pleasurable experience, not forced!
      - If you are not enjoying the cigar, let it die in peace and try something else.