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Most simply, "Herf" means to enjoy a cigar, usually by smoking it. However, it can get a bit more complex, for example; You can go to a Herf, and not smoke a cigar, but still really enjoy the Herf.

That being said, here's a bigger picture...

HERF... to herf; herfing; herfers; the ASC Philly Herf; the Gellman Office Herf; Herfedor; circle-herfs; herf-off; an after-dinner herf; the San Francisco Herf; Gentlemen, you may herf...

The un-official word of ASC (internet newsgroup) is Herf. Herf is a unique part of speech. It can be correctly used as a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb, an infinitive, a prefix, a suffix and an explicative. The arcane word "herf" first entered the ASC lexicon on November 21, 1996, and was quickly elevated to frenetic and common use by ASCers. "The Prince of Skeeves" exposed ASC to the word herf in a casual posting to the group... however it was ASCers, as a budding collective, who took the word and made it divine. Herf is now virulently spreading to worldwide common use as hip cigar parlance.

New York Boat Herf 2012 -

Gibraltar Herf 2010 -

Herfs 2007/2008 -

The Last Gasp 2007 -

Havana Herf November 2006 -

Paris Herf 2005 -

MOs Birthday Herf 2004 -

Paris Herf 2004 -

RTDA Herf 2004 -

RTDA Herf 2003 -

Fleet Air Herf 2003 -

Boisdale Herf 2003 -

Boston, NY and Philly Herf 2002 -

Partagas 157th Herf 2002 -

Herfs 2001 -

MOs Herf 2001 -

Smokeymos Herfs 2001 -

Herfs 2000 -

- New York Herf 2011

- Boisdale Herf 2008

- Tokyo Herf 2007

- Office Herfs 2007

- Herfs 2005/2006

- SO CAL Herf 5 2004

- Herfs Pre 2004

- Mishs' Langans Herf 2004

- SO CAL Herf 4 2003

- Paris Herf 2003

- Italy Herf 2003

- Team Lunch at Che's London 2003

- Smokeymos Herf 2002

- Bath Herf 2002

- Smokeymos Herf 2001

- Paris Herfs 2001

- Partagas 155th Herf 2000