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HERFS 1999 & 2000

This page provides you with a brief glimpse at some of the herfs and crawls that we've been happy to sponsor

ASHCAN in 1999 and 2000. ASHCAN is the Albany-Saratoga Herf, Crawl, and Nosh

Karen & Tom at ASHCAN 2000

1st Portland Area Decadence- July 13th - 16th 2000

John Lanier (standing), CG (grey shirt), Big Mike, Mrs Jeffbat, JoePepsi1, Carlos2 (green shirt)

PNW Suite Boondoggle 1999

Doc Wade Jeff Herfdog Marcia

Carolina Cigar Crawl 1999 & 2000

Roger, Mark & Craig at the Carolina Cigar Crawl 1999

CHUG 99 Cape Herf und Golf


Cleveland Herf - July 14th - 16th 2000

Mike Meadows organiser of the Cleveland Herf!

Seattle Cigar Crawl - August 25th-27th 2000


Western Pennsylvania Cigar Crawl November 6th 1999
& October 21st 2000

Herf in Reno Dammit!
17th - 19th Nov 2000

Post Turkey Day Crawl
Friday 24th November 2000

ASC Secret Santa 2000 Sponsor


Central FL Holiday Dinner & Herf 2000
Kevin Hall

Santa's delivery. Don't judge the book by the cover.....

S.E.X.  Herf 2000.

Jenn Vanderslice and Jim Henrikson

Elon Kaplan

David Farmer's first place ash

Motown Cigar Smokers Group
21st October 2000

Dennis Haas (the appointed Prince of Panache
by the New Orleans ASC faction), showing off the
humidor he won. 
Steve St. Laurent savoring every last little
bit of an LGC

Steve Armstrong (left) and Bill Rathbun
(right) enjoying the festivities
Darren Proctor (Darren in Detroit on ASC)
and Kevin Delaere fully into the herfing experience

Dennis Haas again, going for a major nicotine fix.

Berry Wood (left) and Sean Rosekrans (right),
revelling at the thought of good food, good beer and
good cigars.

Carl Trost, our gracious herfmeister