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Buying Cigars

walk in humidorWhat to Look for when Buying Cigars

So here's the tips: When purchasing from an Internet cigar company ensure that they have a physical address and telephone number/fax number clearly displayed on their website and check that the telephone number actually exists. PO Boxes are always suspicious.

What country are you purchasing from? We believe the UK and indeed English Market Selection (EMS) cigars are of the finest quality in the world... Read more here

Shopping for Havanas

Buying Havana's is never a cheap exercise, even in countries where duties are much lower than here, but there is much to be said for our home trade. We have the broadest range, we have a unique security system to combat counterfeits and a reasuringly long tradition - Just think of Winston Churchill!

In fact, some people claim that Cuba knows to send only its best cigars here, precisely because of the highly educated market that will receive and scrutnise them.

When you're shopping for Havanas, choosing the right tobacconist could be almost as crucial as selecting the right cigar. If you're not sure what you're looking for, the right advice is essential, and you should feel perfectly at ease chatting to staff as they guide you through the options - of which there are many!... Read more here

Choose your Cigar

Cigars come in many shapes and sizes and colours. It is often difficult for a neophyte cigar smoker to get a complete understanding of the how these factors affect the taste. The shape of the cigar is perhaps the hardest thing to describe since there are no set standards used between cigar manufacturers. Usually it is best to remember the shape written on the box to remember what you are smoking... Read more here