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Macanudo Cigars

The name Macanudo, originated in Cuba in 1868, originally came from a vitola of the Punch cigar brand - the Punch Macanudo was the most popular size in the United Kingdom for many years.

Due to the 'dollar controls' during World War II, United Kingdom could no longer import goods from Cuba, and hence the Macanudo shape was made in Jamaica at the Temple Hall Factory.

Produced today in the Dominican Republic, Macanudos are made with a flavorful Dominican blend and a select binder grown in the rich San Andres Tuxtla Valley of Mexico.

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Macanudo Inspirado Orange Petit Piramide

Very nice, I would whole heartedly recommend this. I got a lovely floral character from this, I remember that it reminded me somewhat of the Trinidad Reyes. Perfect cut, perfect burn, perfect construction, perfect smoke.

Macanudo Inspirado Black Gordito Cigar

I enjoyed this cigar on a recent trip to Glasgow after it sitting in the humidor for about 12 weeks after purchasing it. From the first draw to the last puff, this was the perfect cigar for me. Bold flavours of rich coffee and dark chocolate combined with cedar notes (although the last one could have been from the humidor) made this a hugely tasty cigar but also it was creamy smooth throughout.

I burnt it right down to a tiny nub before I had to admit that it was finished (plus my mate said that I was starting to look daft). This last well over an hour, but I would have happily had it for longer. The cigar didn't change throughout and I didn't notice it even getting hot towards the end. If lighter, delicate cigars are your thing then stay well away: this cigar is loaded with big flavours and was an absolute treat. Enjoyed with (several) whiskies. My new favourite cigar and I will be ordering more.

Macanudo Ascots Cigar

Great little cigar for the price. Even burn, easy smoke. Lasted 30 minutes. Recommend.