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10 Mistakes Cigar Smokers Make

James Peasley

Smoking cigars should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, avoid these common mistakes and you should be well on your way to becoming a well refined and knowledgeable cigar aficionado.

1.  Buying Fake Cigars

If you are just delving into the world of cigars, make sure to buy your smokes from a reputable seller. Too many times have we seen "glass lid Cohiba boxes" and heard stories of buying from "Dave down the pub who has a mate in Cuba who works for Cohiba". If it's too good to be true, it usually is! Fake cigars could put you off for life. For more information on ordering cigars, read this article here.

2.  Not Cutting the Cap

Most premium cigars will come with a small section of tobacco leaf covering one end, this is called the cap. It needs to be cut in some way in order for the cigar to draw. This stage is quite a personal experience and there are a few different options to choose from when cutting. For more information on cutting cigars, read this article here.

3.  Inhaling Your Cigar Smoke

Cigar smoke is meant to be savoured and enjoyed in your mouth, do not inhale. If you inhale it could lead to a major coughing fit! Slowly draw on the cigar, hold it in your mouth letting every part of your mouth taste the delicate flavours, then slowly exhale. This is how you should properly enjoy your cigar.For more information on smoking cigars, click here.

4.  Not Smoking Past the Band

This is a bit of a controversial one, some people smoke up to the band and then leave it at that. I call these people maniacs! With some cigars (generally new world cigars), due to the size of their band, this would mean throwing half the cigar in the bin! In my personal opinion, some of the best flavours are tucked away below the band. With cigars such as the Trinidad Reyes, I'm burning my fingers before I throw it away. Don't burn through the band however! Just carefully remove it once you are about a third of the way through, once the glue on the band has warmed up.

5.  Chomping On Your Cigar

Just don't... it looks disgusting and you get a mouth full of flaky leaves. Treat your cigar with respect.

6.  Knocking Off The Ash After Every Puff

Depending on the quality, and how well rolled the cigar is, it should hold the ash. Don't scrape it off or flick it like with a cigarette, collect this ash on the end of your cigar to help the burn and draw. That being said, you don't always have to enter in to a long ash competition, gently knock it off before it falls in your lap.

7.  Expecting 2 Cigars To Smoke The Same

Premium cigars are a natural, handmade product that can be effected by many, many different things before and after being rolled. Part of the enjoyment is noticing the small changes between sticks.

8.  Smoking What Everyone Else Is Smoking

Just because your big, fancy boss who "knows everything about cigars" enjoys a particular brand, does not mean you will - just because I like pineapple on my pizza, does not mean you will. There are so many different flavour profiles, regions, sizes etc. to choose from, it makes it a very unique experience. If you are unsure, ask for some advice. Don't be embarrassed, most cigar smokers love to share their knowledge!

9.  Using a Zippo/Petrol Lighter

This isn't a good idea, the windproof functionality may seem appealing but the fumes from the fuel will taint the delicate flavours of your cigar. It's just not worth it. Go for a jet flame instead, it will still be windproof but burns clean.

10. Not Storing Your Cigars Correctly

Finally, you may be doing absolutely everything else correctly but your cigars still don't burn or taste properly. Why? If you are not using a humidor to store your cigars, this could be the problem. Cigars need to be stored in the correct conditions so they don't dry out or go mouldy. A dry cigar will eventually lose all of its flavour, and you don't want that!

So there you have it, follow these tips and you'll be a cigar aficionado enjoying the finest cigars in no time!