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Sancho Panza Molinos Cigar - 1 Single

Sancho Panza Molinos Cigar - 1 Single
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Description Ref # SP0300

Length: 6 1/2" 
Ring Gauge: 42
Strength: Medium
Packaging: 1 Single Cigar

Vitola: Lonsdale
Smoking Time: 45 - 60 Minutes
Other Cigars in this Vitola: 
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Montecristo No. 1

Like other great Habano brands such as Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta, Sancho Panza takes it name from a masterpiece of world literature. 

In Don Quixote, the famous 17th Century Spanish novel by Miguel de Cervantes, it was Sancho Panza who served the errant knight as his faithful squire. His name was first used for a Habano in 1848 and since then it has enjoyed a reputation for quality amongst discerning smokers. 

The range today comprises three vitolas including the Molino or mill which is a Cervantes size. Don Quixote was, of course, famous for tilting at windmills. 

Filled with a medium bodied blend of filler and binder tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo zone. 

Tasting Notes

This cigar is most representative of the old style habanos. Strong and with no frills. A lot of white pepper, woody, flavours with hints of cocoa, coffee and spice. What you see is definately what you get, a cigar that will never bore you.


86 / 100

"...Pressed and attractive with an even draw and bur. The mild- to medium-bodied smoke carries some toasty flavours as well as odd sawdust notes..."


Rare Whisky Specialist


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by Nick on Friday 08 May, 2020
I got sent one of these as a replacement as stock of a different item had run out and what a beauty this is. I agree with most thatÂ’s itÂ’s certainly mild in that it doesnÂ’t over power but itÂ’s peppery and woody at the same time. The length obviously helps in the early stages but throughout it was even and smooth. I would never have got one of these unless the customer service rep had suggested it and thank goodness they did.
by Staff on Tuesday 07 June, 2016
Reviewed by Jerome Culet (Januay 2001) It was with no small degree of anticipation that I awaited the familiar footfall of my neighborhood Mailman. I had been selected as one of this Month's "Taste Testers" for C.Gars LTD. I was told that I would be given three Sancho Panza "Molinos" to evaluate. Needless to say, this is like telling a Child he has been chosen to taste ice cream, but never the less I had convinced myself that this was indeed a higher calling. The package arrived as promised and I withdrew from it three perfectly matched, nicely box pressed Molinos. They all had nearly perfect reddish colorado wrappers with no noticeable blemishes. I carefully placed them in the humidor to "rest' after their long journey. No.1) After five day's in the humidor I took one Molino at random and clipped the cap with my Zino cutter. The cap yielded cleanly and crisply. A test draw revealed a non-bitter tobacco taste but also foretold of an over tight roll. I toasted the foot evenly and took the first draw, yes much to tight. Suffice it to say that this was not the low point of this cigar. It had every problem a cigar could have. Had it not been part of a taste test I would have simply thrown it out the window No2.) A week and a half had passed and another Molino fell gracefully victim to my Zino. I toasted the tip and the first draw while a bit tight held promise. The volume of smoke was quite meager at first and lacking in taste. Hints of earth and leather became apparent but always just out of reach. An uneven burn began to develop, but after my struggle with No.1, I made no attempt to correct it. It quickly evened out however and revealed a firm, even, dark gray almost black ash with smatterings of gray spots. A third of the cigar had vanished before the Molino revealed it's flavor potential to me. The taste of freshly rained upon earth came to mind as well as the familiar taste of fine saddle leather. The experience was fleeting for as the last third of the cigar began to burn the taste grew harsh and bitter. No.3) I hoped those three weeks in the humidor had given the last of the Molino's enough time to recuperate. Once again the cut was clean and crisp and a test draw revealed a roll on the tight side of normal. I toasted the foot and my draw was greeted with a more substantial volume of smoke as well as increased taste. Although the amount of smoke produced was less than I prefer, it was adequate. The taste and flavor as well came through with more authority and a voice in the back of my mind whispered, "at last". The burn was even and cool with an ash reminiscent of No.2's. Leather and rained soaked earth flavor's developed early in the first third of the cigar's length and continued to develop with the addition of oak wood flavors by mid point. The Molino began to grow harsh early in the last third as did No.2, a sign that in my opinion more age was needed on these cigars. To sum up, any box of cigar's can have a bad stick like the first one I smoked. And No.2 while missing the mark gave some degree of satisfaction if only fleeting. The final Molino convinced me that these cigars simply fell victim to their youth and at eight months they were in my opinion very young. I think that given six more months to develop they will certainly loose that harsh finish and gain more depth and flavor. Thank you C.Gars LTD for this wonderful opportunity.
by Staff on Tuesday 07 June, 2016
Reviewed by Joe Gellman This is not a cigar to be smoked immediately upon receipt from the dealer. I made this mistake and was not very happy with the cigar. Knowing that aging can help the flavor of many cigars, I laid the rest of the box down and returned to smoke another cigar about 5 months later. I was floored by the results. As an aside, I find that aging seems to add to most of my cigars though only a few really change, greatly; this cigar is one of the later. At an exacting 16.5 cm x 1.7 cm, the cigar is rolled to perfection. Each example in the box had nary a blemish on it, and all looked inviting. This is a lonsdale or Cervantes shape, and it is really rather elegant in appearance. The wrapper is a deep rich brown, similar to all the cigars from Sancho Panza. My selection was dated 9/99 and were made in the Briones Montoto factory, in Havana. The finish was smooth, without any soft spots or veins, and had only a little oily sheen to it. I have noticed that the oil never really shows up on this brand, and will have to ask someone more knowledgeable, why. Before lighting the cigar you can smell a light leather-wood from the box and there is a hint of sweetness to the individual cigar. The presentation, in the box, is picture perfect, and all the cigars were exactly the same shade. The cap was solid and so was the foot, though the cut at the foot of some of the cigars was not laser sharp. You could see that the cigar was packed to an conscientious standard, and that there was an anticipation of an even and smooth burn. Upon lighting the cigar the first impression I had was of being in the woods just after a late Summer rain. The draw was easy, throughout, and there was ample smoke with every puff. The ash adhered to the tip for about 1 ½ inches before I knocked it off for testing. It was a deep dark gray and quite firm to the touch. Even swirls on the ash were evidence of the care given to production of the cigar. The ash was brittle when crushed and revealed a complete burn from all levels. The ash came off evenly which is an important factor to me. How many times do you notice that, when the ash falls off, the foot reveals a conical end? To my understanding, this reveals that the cigar is not burning evenly - not so with the Molino. This cigar provided full aromatic, fruity and honeyed flavors from the first puff to the last. The aroma was ambered and very open, and the woodiness remained, but it was subtle, not to overshadow the light, yet rich, sweetness of the cigar. Towards the last third of the cigar the intensity of flavors produced more rich sweet-honeyed aroma and taste. The cigar burned cool and was simply a delight to smoke. The body of the cigar remained firm and the cap never unraveled of became mushy. I smoked another Molino an hour later and the experience was equally pleasant.
by ArchivedCgarsReviews on Thursday 08 November, 2007
Gents, gents.... such language !! Sancho`s are extremely nice mild cigars. "Mild" is usually equated to "bad" - Sanchos are indeed mild but are full of character - coffee and woody flavours predominate - they smoke very easily with a nice draw and I must admit to being hooked. I honestly don`t think Sancho`s can be compared to Macanudos - totally different league. written by Dave Francis
by ArchivedCgarsReviews on Thursday 08 November, 2007
I would describe these as very mild and one of my all time favorites. Not that well know but I would recomend them highly if you prefere a milder taste written by John Howson GBR
Displaying 1 to 5 (of 8 reviews)
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