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Ramon Allones Gigantes Cigar - Box of 25

Ramon Allones Gigantes Cigar - Box of 25

Date Added: Saturday 03 November, 2007 by ArchivedCgarsReviews

I had these which I bought sometime back ( not from C.Cigars ) they have been in my humidor for about 1 1/2 years now . Recently I took one out for a smoke the draw was so so but the favour thou still complex with floar scent doesen`t taste quite right . The next day me and 2 more guys smoke 2 more from my same batch 2 from theirs and all of us agreed that some how the Ramon Allones Gigantes does not have the same taste as what it used to be . I still have the 8 years old R.A Giganties in my collection and I smoke 1 today sure enought it taste much diffenent . Find that the new batches has lost it`s stars . Did they change the vivola ?

written by jsng